Ms. Allen is the author of
WISBE: Lost Pages Found

WISBE: Lost Pages Found is a collection of works discovered while excavating the remains of an old civilization. These writings are the only clues about the type of people that used to live in this ancient civilization. The question of what happened to it remains unanswered.




My name is Ms. Allen, and I am a science teacher in New York. My teaching style is based on the basic truth that not everyone learns the same way. Some students require hands on learning, others learn best through visuals aides, and others simply require an explanation on the topic coupled with and example or two to fully grasp the point the teacher is trying to make. Still others learn best in groups and some prefer individual learning. Through several years of teaching experience I have developed the ability to incorporate these learning styles into one or two lesson(s) per individual topic to make sure that all understand the point I am trying to make. I incorporate technology into my classroom via PowerPoint Presentations, computer projects, Smart boards, and more. In this E-portfolio, you will find a series of projects and displays.  I will have or will be posting videos, lessons, links, and other examples of my classroom management or plans for my classroom in the future.