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Welcome to my E-Portfolio

My name is Sonja Santana and I am a Special Education Elementary Teacher.  I have received my Master’s degree in General and Special Education Gr. 1-6 from Touro college in January 2014 so that I may obtain a teaching job working with special needs children.   I also currently hold the following teaching licenses: Students with Disabilities 1-6 (initial) and Childhood Education 1-6 (initial).
I feel that the teaching profession is extremely rewarding and I would love to contribute in the improvement of a child’s learning experience so that he/she can feel independent and productive later on in his/her life.  

Teaching has always been present in my life since I was young and with the help of my husband (who is a special education teacher), I decided to embark into this very rewarding and fulfilling career.  My mother used to babysit several children during my pre-teen years.  On several occasions I used to set up a mini classroom with a blackboard and a few chairs in my living room, where I would sit the children and teach them math.  So as you can see, I always had an inclination towards teaching at an early age.  Right now, my kids are my students and as they’re growing and their studies becoming more demanding, I have become their second teacher at home.  In doing so, I have learned not only to instruct but how to do it so that they understand the material and store it.  My youngest son is a struggling reader and I have formulated a plan, which is made up of a combination of sight words memorization, writing and reading activities along with perseveration and love.  This plan has already started to guide him on the right path towards reading accomplishment and I’m very proud of him.

I love math and when I was young my dad used to teach us (my sisters and I) math at home, which helped us be more advanced in math at school than the other kids in addition to instilling in us early on a love for mathematics.  I feel that teaching reading is a crucial and difficult endeavor because the knowledge imparted in reading will guide our students not only in obtaining academic achievement but overall in communicating with others.  In the future delivery of instruction for my students I will initiate a constructive reading instruction program that addresses the students' particular learning styles in order for learning to be easily assimilated.  In addition, I also love technology and I’m captivated by its use when teaching in our classrooms nowadays which truly engages our students and promotes a more active and exciting way of learning.  I have experience with MS word, Blackboard, video cameras, PowerPoint, voice thread, RSS, and blogs.

I hope that you enjoy visiting my e-portfolio and learning a bit more about me.

Resume available upon request.


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"The task of the modern educator is not to cut down jungles, but to irrigate deserts."

by C. S. Lewis