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Here is a Suggested Assignment which your professor may request. It is designed to prepare students with some skills required by the New Teacher Performance Assessment from NYSED

Form to Share your Video with your Professor - (


UDL Lesson Plan Template (UDLLessonPlanTemplate.docx)
Lesson Plan/Observation Log 2011  (699lessonobserve2011.docx)

Frequently Asked Questions
Can I get help with Technology? Your instructor prefers that questions regarding the making and uploading of videos be asked within the class and be answered by classmates. Please work cooperatively and help each other.

Is there a list of topics? - Yes. Please visit your syllabi located on, and  look for Student Learning Outcomes.

Can I find sample video Lessons? Yes. We have found a great source for
Common Core Standards Based Video Lessons is:

A suggested Assignment for Faculty to consider.

"My Video" Assignment

To the Student:

This assignment is to prepare students for the New NYSED (Teacher Performance Assessments) which will require students to create a 15-30 minute lesson video (in class with students) and upload it to NYSED (Pearson) to obtain Teacher Certification.

This Touro assignment is much simpler! NO STUDENTS should be in the video. Your Image is requested but NOT required. You are encouraged to work with classmates.
The Assignment has 2 parts:
Part 1- Create a My Video and send it to YouTube
Part 2 - Send the link to your professor
or co,ple the Share My Video Form

Part 1
Please create a 3-5 minute Mini-Lesson (sample mini-lesson) or Topic video appropriate to this course (with a camera, Smart or Iphone, Webcam, etc.)
Upload it to a streaming server (e.g. - you will need a FREE account and please make the video Public).
Email the Link to your professor- The subject of the email should be
"Course Number, Section, My Video, Your Name.
In the email describe your lesson or topic. Copy and paste the link to th youtube video.
IMPORTANT: Do Not attach the video on your email to your professorl

The following should prove helpful

How to create a hyperlink

2-Example of a student video created in an online course

YouTube Video

3- Upload a video with an Iphone Please send it to

Upload a video using an iphone

How to create a Youtube account and upload your first video

How to create a Youtube account and upload your first video