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Associate Dean & Chair, Graduate Education & Special Education
As of January 2011, e-portfolio is an integral part of the Graduate Education and Special Education Program. All students in EdSE 650 and with selected professors will be asked to create a  single comprehensive e-portfolio website demonstrating their pedagogical skill and content knowledge.
Note that all e-portfolio websites are required to be in compliance with the NYC DOE IAUP which requires notifications of school administrators that a site exists, states what content should  and should not go on the site (e.g. advertising) and more.

Sample Sites and Site Components
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You may be able to obtain a Work-at-Home Copy of  Some Microsoft Programs by contacting Touro Academic Computing

As part of Touro’s Microsoft Campus Agreement, we have acquired Work at Home rights for College faculty and staff. This means that you can install MS Office or an upgraded version of Windows, on your home PC or laptop, for free.* More details about the Microsoft “Work at Home” program, including usage restrictions
and how to enroll, are available on the program Web site at: http://www.touro.edu/academic/workathome/
Should you have any questions regarding the program,
please contact either
Arjun Mahat or Sailesh Bhusal
212.463.0400 ext. 5240

What is an e-portfolio?
A logical comprehensive organized body of work displayed on the Interent showing course accomplishments and demonstrating pedagogical skills.

Components can be but are not limited to web pages, videos of lessons and professional developments conducted by students, screen capture animations, podcasts and more...

Why and e-portfolio?

Students feel empowered by learning e-portfolio skills (i.e, video, screen capture animations etc.
Touro students need to demonstrate that they are competent with 21st Century Technology Skills
The home page of an e-portfolio can be shown during job interviews and when applying for a promotion

Who can create and use an e-portfolio?
Students as well as professors.
Professors can have lessons, videos, articles and more at a single location!

How to create an E-portfolio?
Currently e-portfolio is introduced in EdSE 650 Educational Technology and by selected professors.
Directions for E-portfolio have been compiled by Payam Bina, Academic Computing. (View the document)

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