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An Overview of Special Education Supports Information System (SESIS)
During the 2010-11 school year, the NYC DOE will be implementing the Special Education Student Information System (SESIS), a new special education data management system. SESIS includes an electronic version of the State IEP. The information in this overview presumes full implementation of the new State IEP. A link to the January 2005 version of Creating a Quality IEP, the current IEP manual, is provided under “Resources.”

Here is a link for a new IEP template. The quality IEP on the page is for the old IEP.  It stil has useful information though

Login to SESIS -

1 The SESIS Present Level of Performance Page is linked to the old IEP page
A) 3     *
B) 4 
C( 5
D) All of the Above

2. SESIS will manage everything but.

A) Referral Evaluations


C) Related Services

D) Attendance  *

3. The new SESIS program:

Is Web Based

Allows Teachers to have a Copy of the IEP

Can be accessed from any computer

All of the Above*

4. SESIS was developed referencing the guidelines outlined in  the

Standard Operating Procedures Manual 

Chancellor Regulations

Special Education Individualized Documents

UFT COntract

5) If you want to write a new IEP the first step on SESIS the first step is to:

a) Create a new IEP document

b) Call the parents of the child

*c) Create a notice of IEP document

d) Speak to the principal

6) Where can I find reports and announcements about my  important SESIS information

a) Information Page

b)  DOE Website

c) On the IEP

d) Home Page *

7. Who has access to an IEO in SESIS?


Gym Teacher

Classroom Teacher

All of the Above*

8. The major change to the New IEP Format is
A) It Is Computer Based
B)It forces teachers to write more specific details about their students
C/) It Encourages you to use language that parents understand
D) All of the Above*

9)The New IEP is missing
Related Services Section
Present Level of Performance
Promotional Criteria
None of the Above*

10) How many weeks beforehand should I send out a letter notifying there is an IEP meeting?

5 Days
1 Week
10 Days 
2 Weeks*

11) Who does not need  attend IEP meeting when using SESIS?

 Classroom Teacher
Special Education Teacher
None of the Above

Thanks to Professor Marc Katz for cotributions to this topic.
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