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CURRENT LIVE COURSES SUMMER, 2008 - 601su08live  - 606su08- 606/601Assignments
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606 Summer 2008 - Bay Shore, LI Campus 

See the e-portfolio websites of students. The best sites will be chosen for our E-Portfolio Showcase.
Scroll down for comments made in class.Students can earn smileys for class participation, exceptional assignments, helping others

 Compliments to Maryl Fitzpatrick for her Screen Video Introduction (click) to SUMMIT Math


101 z606  Allen, Andrea 


102 z606

Fitzpatrick, Maryl 

103 z606  Green, S.


Virtual E-portfolio Tour
Great Science Lesson video on Non Newtonian fluid -

Scientific Method
Frog Dissection




 Henniger, Kristen


105 z606  Kempton, M. Prior Course
106 z606

 Landsman, Gregg 


107 z606  Llewellyn, Thomas 

GREAT "Snap Crackle and Pop Science lesson and video".


108 z606 Nathan, Janina 


Touro Bay Shore Video for Carolyn White
109 z606  Sarro, Maryanne 

Great Beach video on Shells.


110 z606  Schulz, Lauren


111 z606  Sirris, Barbara 



112 z606  Theodoratos, Anna





113 z606  Tufaro, Diana 

7/23 Possibly dropped course

114 z606  Witthohn, Donald


115 z606  Wright, Sharnickqua


Dropped course
116 z606  Shah, Nehal


Great Links Page
Great lessons page

117 z606 Goldsmith, Chad

Great Lessons page

 Also from 601 Summer 2008

120 z606


Exciting links http://www.caedes.net/




August 7th- LAST DAY Classwork- Homework

PRESENTERS: Andrea Allen

Write a Self Assessment  On the inside of your printed portfolio for each course....

Course #

1. Overall Grade
2. Printed Portfolios Grade
3- E-Portfolios Grade
4- Class Participation Grade

E-portfolio website should contain

Your Science lessons with UDL format lesson plan and student assessment worksheet
Lessons page containing linkd to additional content video lessons of colleagues- Links to their documents as well - Develop your own style a sample is below ( See how S. Green has done it )

Lesson Title-
Video or website - Lesson plan - Student assessment
Consider a screen shot thumbnail

Your Beach Lesson ( sent to Teachertube with supporting documents)-

Note--- Others will be Linking to your lessons page so make it easily found - Links to websites with description

As many of the additional items dicuseed in class.

A Video Tour ( JING) showing key exciting lessons/standards- Geared to students but with the undertsnading that you wish to impress your school administration (content/standrads/learning/improved test score results!


Printed portfolio- all assignmensts that were given, Use of QCCMATH.webhop.org especially for 601, professionally executes evidencing the fact that you have met/exceeded course outcomes.

Please review printed portfolios from my online course LINK  (it shows the printed portfolio as well) - Printed portfolios become the property of Touro College as grade substantiation- Feel free to make a copy for yourself.

In print evidenc the student outcomes...... You may take print screens from your colleagues websites.....


Table of contents- colorful as much as possible - Protruding Tabs for easy find!

Look like an "A".




HW for 8/5/08

Make up 1 Business card at Vistaprint.com


Show your flyer -to a collegue- Invite for open house Thursday
Show what you have learned in content- Staandards Based Lessons, Pedagogy by integrating technology (Teachertube, Video, Jing, Microsoft Office -bnewsletters). Explain how the use of tech will enhance your teaching style and delivery when you get a position.
Address to :
~ Carolyn White and staff at Bay Shore
~ Dr. Ronald Lehrer Chair, 43 West 23rd Street, NY NY 10010
~ Lorli DiMaala Deputy Chair, 43 West 23rd Street, NY NY 10010

Lets decide/write an agenda for Thursday at ( how's 10:30),etc. In charge - ?

Food - Who's in Charge - PIZZA - How many - Fore Math and Science. Anna -
Served at 11:00- Note students from 601 will com in at 1pm..

STEM- tourostem.googlepages.com Write a dsecription- with pics and links and description -  Maryl
Is your video/ with Lesson plan and Student Assessment Worksheet available for Maryl?

BEACH Lessons - Gregg Landsman -- Submit lessons to Greg- Discuss pics and lesson ( or lesson intro) video. Background.... Etc.

Jing presentations....

AGENDA- for Thgursday

Presenters: -


Agenda- Flyer- Who presents- via Jing of their site- and verbal prersentation- Letter fof commendation from me.... for optional posting on their website. ( use FOXIT.. to make a PDF file.






Assignments due August 4th

Complete your Newsletter- To be given to Carolyn. Please print in color on card stock if possible.

Prepare your video lesson/intro your Beach location. Prepare your lessonplan and student worksheet- Bring them so that you can upload them with your video on Tuesday.
Best videos go on our STEM page ( Maryl - Editor).

STUDENT OUTCOMES- Evidence that you have met sudent outcomes -by EXAMPLE - SHOW CONTENT and METHOD and TECHNOLOGY!!!!! with MOVIEMAKER- Do it here Monday
Make the video  file here on Monday. We can add the beach video later....

 Please do at least one.
Jing - A tour  of your e-portfolio site for future/current students showing highlights. Put this on youe site.

Ideas for A+. Jing video ideas or choose your own with approval.
Jing- How to accesss online books at resources at the NY Public Library - JANINA
Jing - How to create a UDL lesson plan  Tom
Jing How to Chat with an online librarian XXX
Jing on Son of citation machine - How to create an online citation and paste it into a word doc
How to upload a video to teachettube- Kristen
What to do if your video will not upload to teachetube- 
- Zamzar.com
Wm Converter - how to download and install it
Wm converter - How to convert a file to mp4
How to use Moviemaker for student outcomes......

CREATE A PB WIKI to collect some educatiuonal information from the class. YOU MUST make upload priveledges by email. Demonstrate to the class- pbwiki.com

Create a Webmonkey Survey for a science/math  lesson
Program: Survey Monkey - surveymonkey.com

Collect data online. You will need to create a FREE account, Then create an online  survey and email it to a select group. An alternative is to place a link to it  on your website so that visitors can complete it. Results can then be shown in an Excel Spreadsheet.

Written Directions   -  Video Tutorial 1  -  Video Tutorial2  - Video Tutorial 3

Create an ONLINE FORM to http://emailmeform.com/  Put a link on your site. Demonstrate to the class


Assignments for 7/29

Tomorrow - Science experiments  and topics--  Bring or video
Greg, Chad, Janina, Nehal,  Tom -
Teaches towards a question on the Grade 8- Intermediate Level Test ( given out in class )
 Standard- Choose 1 and write it out.
Topic- Aim

Find if possible a link to review, interactive website with an exact page
Add if possible 1 or several QCC SUMMIT math pages

Bring in a chart/and or teacher made supplies.


Bring and post your lesson plans and studnet worksheets.

**mitphysics.doc You may need to search for links

**606issues.doc Issues in Eductaion
**differentiate1.doc Discussion
**mstemplates  Creatre a newsletter showing yior science prowess.... and your site. Post it as well (Foxit)


1. Science for Kids

2. Science Stuff Scientific Method, Experiments and more..

3. Reeko Science

4. Exploratorium - Experiments

What sites/pages should we add that teach to a science topic on the  Science 8 exam

Assignments 7/29
In Class-

Discuss uses of Google Earth - Jing - review assigbnments - review student sites

Introduce tourostem- google earth ( learnwithtech.com )
review  Science standards and assessments

Discuss assigned chosesen video topics http://bb.touro.edu

Teachertube issues - solved by wm converter.

Assignments due 7/28

Pick a number - How did they do that?
**nysassess.doc also place a link on your site for the NYS Assessment
Watch at home - Add to your site?
Mystical Ball - Give it a try. Can you figure it out?
 Metronome Synchronization  - Second video
Living (Human) Camera ( Autism)


Dodge Square.

Create a lesson with an excel page to score results

Could be average of first 10 and second ten tries
Could Add SUMMIT -Rounding and SUMMIT average
Or it can be done already on the excell sheet

Create a Fun Activities Page... (search and share).
Create a lessons page for your students.

  • Create a school heading ( you can create your own or start and modify our's).
  • upload it to your site.. Create a link with direstions to your student
  • Get a multimedia to show how to downlaod and save a file ( someone in the class perhaps).

Assignments due 7/24

Create an account for Jing and for teachertune

Add these links to your Linkc page with a description of each

Core curriculum science materials, aligned by grade level and unit of study (PDF)

NYC K-8 Science Scope and Sequence (2008)

New York City Performance Standards

New York State Science Core Curricula

Sample test questions, and other relevant resources

Add a link on your website in the link bar of the home page for bb.touro.edu
Enter BB and review a minimum of 3 sites and test the page links.
Add a thread to the sttudent web review.
State what you like and perhaps a constructive idea NEVER ANYTHING NEGATIVE!!!!!!

Research websites with science lessons ( find them while reviewing other students websites) and place them on your links page

Create a Science lesson using UDL format (www.cast.org) with your heading at the top , including your website. Earlier you were to create a Cast account
Enter the Beach Forum in BBDB to reserve your lesson...
The lesson should be of a visual nature that can be used on  Maryannes STEM page (possibly).
Upload the lessonplan to your website the filename "z"mylesson1.doc
Upload a picture to your garage on googlepages.com and add itto your home page.

Buy a mike...
Extra.... Try creating a Voki


Assignments due 7/23

Review SUMMIT on QCCmath.webhop.org
Review UDL - Add it to Your Links page. This is what Janina did (her page is):

UDL Universal Design for Learning-   A lsesson Plan format from www.cast.org
Lesson Builder - Model Lessons

Write several sentences on your site describing UDL

Citations: Knight Cite - Citation Machine -

Here is a citation for Janina's Links Page:
Nathan, Janina (2008,july, 22). Touro CollegeEducational Linka. Retrieved July 22, 2008, from Educational Linka Web site: http://tourostudent.jnathan.googlepages.com/home2

Please amke a citation for another person's page ...


Assignments Due 7/22
Watch a video on Probability
Show someone your website (e-portfolio)
Read overview and order textbook - touroweb.webhop.org

Please watch Video Title: Digital Students @ Analog Schools
Author: Marco Torres
College students speak of their frustration trying to use technology in their courses.

Also view the video from Jordan School District. at

Do the IAUP Assignment on touroweb.webhop.org
~ E-portfolio ~
Publish it to your website (upload  it ). Link it from your home page.
Write an introduction on your home page
Create 1 new pages "Links" using duplicate on site manager




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