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Grade request and portfolio reviews  Form

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Date 9/14 9/21 9/28 10/5 10/26 11/2 11/9 11/16 11/23 12/7

Printed portfolios should be brought to class for review on session 8
*Prnted portfolios should be handed in




Bilella Fitzpatrick, Jane
Best Jing- Title
9/21 Excellent presentaton on sending a document to Gmail..
9/25- GREAT day! with Jing video to Screencast




Byron, Lindsay

abs. 10/5

Best Jing- Title




Lanning, Edward
Best Jing- Title

11/16 - Thanks for your teachertube lesson on Density

10/5 Thanks for helping James




Montalbano, John

Best Jing- Title




Murphy, Sean 

abs. 10/5
Best Jing- Title




Orzo, Laura


abs. 10/5
Best Jing- Title




O'Shea, James


10/5 I think you have the Jing stuff !!!!
Best Jing- Title




Picarello, Emily


Best Jing- Title




Robey, Jeremiah


Excellent Question!




Rogoff, Dana


10/5- Thanks for leading the way

Best Jing- Title




Stanton, Jacqueline


10/5 Just for workin HARD!
Best Jing- Title














Tsapelas, Betty


10/5 Great Work

Best Jing- Title

Haughwout, Peter


Best Jing- Title


Party- Lunch on Stein... Need a student catering committee....
Create a DYNDNS Webhop address from Home - FREE

This will be a domain name that others (kids) can easily find.

Place it on your website HOME page minimally (Leave the student.webhop.org/yourname as well.)

Create a sicence lessons page with at least 4 students at Touro - This semester or others.....

Create a Jing on 606 outcomes (empahasize the Science content because your site and Jing already evidences the technology

Presentations WITHOUT the Webmaster.
Therefore. Create a Jing "Video Tour"


Happy Thanksgiving

Ben Franklin


Science lessons review from Teachertube.com

Get your free webhop domain at dyndns.com



Attendance- email online form
From day one all are portraying themselves as candidates for a prestidgious Science/Technology teaching position. Entry is via a printed portfolio and an e-portfolio site, evidencing content knowledge, teaching skills presented through technology. To this end the following should be a guide..

Please view the sites of others in previous classes for ideas...
Lessons on your e-portfolio site/printed portfolio can reference or include the work of others...606su08

For the eportfolio site and printed portfoli emphasis is on Organization and Ease of Use.

Newsletter- 606

Group/work -

Science lesson videos-
Use of Smartboard
Work on site
Work on printed portfolio.

Best of E-portfolio Contest coming! -

Below are Some Documents for your printed portfolio.  Add Additional ones and Materials (especially on science/standards teaching)

**intro.doc Write an introduction on this word document. It should be written with the intent of getting a fantastic Math, Science and Technology position (a fictitious position). At a later date we will ask that it be copied to an e-portfolio that you may create.

**iaup.doc Read the NYCDOE iaup. List and discuss the rationale for 5 important items. Note that it is agreed that these rules will be regarded in any website produced.

**teachertube.doc Teacher Tube (teachertube.com)
This is a resource where educators can post their videos. You can search videos with Metatags (searchable key words). Try these search words (professor stein )
. Later in the term we will ask that you  upload your videos here. Assistance will be given.

This will be your format.

We hope that the outcome of this course will lead to your certification and a job. With that in mind please prepare your resume. If it is not professional you can find templates at Microsoft (look at careers/resumes). Please make this a link from your link bar so that all can see it. Replace personal information with "email me for contact information".

**nysassess.doc Learn about the NYS Intermediate Science Assessment


Read and respond about Differentiated Instruction and complete the assignment templates on the left.

**udlintro.doc What is Universal Design for Learning? Complete the assignment on the left. Later you will use this lesson plan format with your science lessons.

**printscreen.doc Learn the skill of Screen Capture

**mstemplates View the plentiful resources available from Microsoft. Create a newsletter or brochure.

In Class

 Research and test an experiment that you can film at home, or perhaps in class with a friend. Write the standards. Have a background poster to refer to. Be prepared by Wednesday. Create a lesson plan mysciencelp.doc and a student worksheet mysciencews.doc This will be for your printed portfolio.

Copy These links to your link page on your googlepages website.

1. Science for Kids

2. Science Stuff Scientific Method, Experiments and more..

3. Reeko Science

4. Exploratorium - Experiments

Copy and paste the Scientific Method (Science Stuff above) onto your heading page for this class. Explain each of the steps in your own words.


Evidence that you can use technology to create citations in 3 formats. Create 3 citations for math or science.
Please upload this document. On your 603 assignments web page create a link to this file.

Start with your heading

Describe the methodology of teaching Signed Numbers
Reference the SUMMIT MATH APPROACH and follow-up assignment for your students.
How can this help you teach math.

Submit to BBHW ONLY

After reviewing the NYC Science Performance Standards, prepare a science lesson plan and reference the Science Standards. Print ONLY the overview of the Science Performance for the grade level and include this in your printed portfolio submission (this submission can be separate and submitted with your portfolio). The links are provided to appropriate sites. Use the template on the left for your assignment but the format of the lesson plan can be changed so as to conform with your school.


Below I have prepared a student worksheet (approx. 5 questions) for the science lesson topic above. From these questions, I could assess the effectiveness of my science lesson


 Please read the reminder of your textbook on Differentiated Instruction

Create a Jing- on giving a lesson- Optional

Create a video  lesson ( Lesson plane with standardscited, Student worksheet). Bring in the materials and poster background if you wish to filme it here. You can do this at home.

ALl to be posted on your site eventuall.

Create a Form collecting data for use in an Excel Spreadsheet.


Please complete this form so that we can use excel to discuss the results using the Scientific Method



Copy or save a picture from the internet

Print Screen




Create a JIng Lesson Sciene or related field
Create a response File (ws) ( could be word or paing ( image )

Post all to your site

Lesson- explanation for students-

Page for them to open ( word/paint with an image
A directions to  respond ( text and voice)


View Dana's Notes

Look for a link on Dana's site above - Whales on Lake Michigan-
Add this to your reflection paper....

You Created a Webpage Science with Professor Weinick

Write bulleted points on what you learned


Science Classroom

Scientific Method

Create a lesson on this or aniother topic - Lessonplan- Student worksheet/lab sheet
Note the science standard
Note how it pertains to the science test.






If you choose download jing to your computer from www.jingproject.com

1. Create a Jing.... Send it to Screencast.com, then add text on your "My Video" Page, with a link to the jing.
Try it from Home if you can Jings should be 2 minutes (too long and they will not upload because they are too big)

2. Create an account for www.teachertube.com

Download (save to My Documents Folder) the document **teachertube.doc

Here is a Jing to show you how
Open it and complete what is asks - Save it - Close the file and send it to your site....

Teacher Tube (teachertube.com)
This is a resource where educators can post their videos. You can search videos with Metatags (searchable key words). Try these search words (professor stein )
. Later in the term we will ask that you  upload your videos here. Assistance will be given.

Upload the file to your website ( home page )


3 Add these links to your Links page with a description of each

NYC K-8 Science Scope and Sequence (2008)

New York State Science Core Curricula

4. Read Chapters 1-4 in our text - Differentiated Instruction-


Internet Research

Locate (google it)  and link from your site- HOME PAGE

Core curriculum science materials, aligned by grade level and unit of study (PDF)
New York City Performance Standards

FIND SAMPLE SCIENCE TEST QUESTION for the grade 8 exam) SITES and link it from your site

You will be asked to teach a Science lesson to one  of the NYC Performance Standards -
Specifing the content is similar to aa past test question




E-portfolio website should contain on the LEssons or My Videos

Your Science lessons with UDL www.cast.org format lesson plan and student assessment worksheet
Lessons page containing linkd to additional content video lessons of colleagues- Links to their documents as well - Develop your own style a sample is below ( See how S. Green has done it )

Lesson Title-
Video or website - Lesson plan - Student assessment
Consider a screen shot thumbnail

Note--- Others will be Linking to your lessons page so make it easily found - Links to websites with description

As many of the additional items dicuseed in class.

A Video Tour ( JING) showing key exciting lessons/standards- Geared to students but with the undertsnading that you wish to impress your school administration (content/standrads/learning/improved test score results!



In class

We studeied virtual science sites
we created new pages on our Touro E-Portfolios


Upload a picture to several pages....
At your option you can add aprofessional photo of yourself.Each filename should be recognizable

Create a Science Trip page
With links and a shgort description ( a sentence or 2)

Add the page to your navigation.

Create a page called Summit Math

Add a limk to
Write a description

Bring in a 3 ring binder (with plastic cover) with 40 dividers

If you can- 40 page protectors

and stick on tabs...

COOL- Adding Like Signs Document - Video

4 more math lessons from qccmath- Your choice. (try different area



Message from Carolyn White- Deputy Chair Bay Shore

Hello All,
The following schedule has been set up for student ID cards. Students in need of an ID should report to room 157 on the first floor.
Tuesday, Sept. 23rd - 3-5 PM
Thursday, Sept. 25th - 3-5 PM
Sunday, Sept. 28th - 12-1 PM
Monday, Oct. 6th - 3-5 PM



Get Into your house (site) to edit.
From Internet Explorer go to "student.webhop.org"
Email = for dan stein = tourodstein
Password = Given to you....

1. Edit each page by writing something about what is on the page...
Do all pages - One sentence----

2 Create 2 new page and add it to the sidebar (edit sidebar)....
-Science sites and Math Sites

Review this site (SUMMIT).... http://qccmath.webhop.org

Please do 5 different lessons (different sections) , 10 problems each lesson on then print them

Bring in a headset with a microphone ( Cheap is Fine) or just a microphone...


Create a document **introtest
Login to gmail
Send it to your documents on your gmail account.. 

~~Download each of the following Documents- Complete and upload to your documents
**iaup.doc In Class - Add your heading and save. Close Word and then sentd it to your gmail documents.
Please try these documents in the same way.
**intro.doc and **teachertube.doc

Due 9/21

Please purchase your Textbooks

Please download and complet the IAUP and uploand it to your site IF possible or bring in the document on a flash drive.. PLEASE name it completely using our conventions....

Downlaod and complet the file **intro.doc  Just bring it in on a flash or save it to your site.