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Director of Technology Initiatives at Touro College
Emails: dstein@touro.edu - abriteguy@aol.com
Create an Online  flip  book
 See Sample Flip books for courses or directions - This device can be used to show course work, Online Resume (Address, Tel. should be replaced with Please email me for personal contact information), Class trips and projects, E-portfolio Review, and MORE.. Get Creative.
Samples: http://www.youblisher.com/p/101018-EportfolioACC-pdf-030211/

FLIP THE PAGES....  Directions Below....
Your Task: 1-Create a Flip Book of course student outcomes (or creative endeavor). 2-Place a link on your Home Page TOP RIGHT, 3-MY Course Outcomes Flip Book

Flip Book

Create a Student Outcomes Course Online Flip Book- Cover Page should include Your name, School, Semester,  Course number and course Title
DO THE COVER PAGE LAST by Insert Cover Page in MS WORD with the info above.

First Combine Multiple Word Course Documents, 
Create sections: Highlights of Ccourse, Add a section of My E-portfolio Home and Key Pages (use Print Screen)
Save this as a pdf document ( Save AS pdf)

You may wish to Use MS WORD Review tab ad Compare, Combine icon to add multiple Worddocuments.

Create an account at youbublisher.com with your assigned class email.
Upload the multiple page pdf..... That's it
1- You get a link......
2- On your e-portfolio create a page My Course Flip Book 
3- Copy the link (URL) to the page
4- To embed the flipbook on a page choose Insert, Gadget and search for Embed to select "Embed Blogger".

My Flip Book On XXX at the top right of your Home Page
TAke it further?????? Make a Jing of your Flip Book with a narration. See Tutorials Jing
Prof. Stein