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A Collection of Tutorials from
Professor Daniel Stein
Director of Technology Initiatives at Touro College 
Emails: dstein@touro.edu - abriteguy@aol.com

 How to install and Use Jing

Install and use Jing


Jing Pro- (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) $15/yr allows you to:
-Create a button and send videos directly youtube
- Use a webcam (recod yourself as an intro to the video or create a WebCan Box to record math problem solutions


How To Jing

Many wish to embed their Jing video on their google site page
Here is how to do it
NOTE you MUST be the owner of the embedded video.

1- upload your video to your account at Screencast.com
2- Look in your history of files uploaded to your cite
3- Choose the embed code
4- go to the page on your site
5- Place the cursor where you want to embed the video
6- Choose the "html" icon on your page
7- Paste the code
8- Done.


Advanced- Include your Screencast video as 3D in Powerpoint

How can you make your screencasts pop up like if they were in 3D?

Sometimes you might need to integrate short screencast segments in promo videos that are highly produced. To mitigate the flat effect of a 2D recording, you can import your video in other applications like Adobe After Effects which can add some sophistication to your recording. While that's the ideal solution giving you unlimited 3D rendering opportunities, it requires additional (and expensive) software and some advanced graphic design skills.

A more affordable way to give some 3D perspective to your screencasts is offered by the new Microsoft PowerPoint 2010, which now treats video files as first class citizen.

ppt 3d.png

Here is how:

  • First create your screencast in Camtasia like you normally would do
  • Produce your video into a high resolution playable file format (e.g. AVI, WMV, MP4)
  • Open PowerPoint 2010 and create a blank new slide
  • Choose Insert > Video and load your file, which will look still flat at this point
  • Doubleclick on it. The Ribbon menu will change and show you various video styles options, including several in perspective
  • Pick any of the 3D styles and refine the look of the rotation by right clicking on the video and choosing 3D Rotation

If you go now in PowerPoint presentation mode (F5), you'll be able to play the video preserving the perspective effect. Use Camtasia Recoder to capture the video playing inside the PowerPoint slide and you'll get a nice 3D effect! Isn't that cool?