Student/Faculty E-portfolios

The statement above is the personal view of Professor Daniel Stein.

"The job of an educator is to teach students to see vitality in themselves."
~~ Joseph Campbell

View below the e-portfolios of Faculty, Students as well as some Touro Course  Resource Web Sites administered by professors.

Many Touro courses include the option for students to create their very own FREE e-portfolio teaching site, complete with self-created video.

Instructors interested in learning how to create their own site (easy) may complete the following form and then email with Email Subject: "Instructor (your name) requests e-portfolios training". In the body of your email include courses taught and other pertinent information.

View these sites with the concept of best components, which may be used as models to improve your e-portfolio web site. In addition these examples can serve as samples for the best organization of material you wish to place on your FREE e-portfolio site.

When viewing remember that you can look at:
  • page titles
  • content
  • lessons
  • technology components
    • links
    • embedded video
    • page layout
    • themes

REMEMBER that you can create pages with the same titles as visited sites if you so choose. You can duplicate their layout if you so choose. You can also duplicate a column of links and add them to your own page.

Please use APA standards to site the work or others. Here is an online method to make that simple.
Son of Citation Machine - Add this citation to your page
REMEMBER- With so much available on the Internet, it is about "organization" of  content and ease of use for your intended audience.
Keep revising your site to make it intuitive for students and visitors.
REMEMBER- This is your site FOREVER.
Make your site PROFESSIONAL and it most probably will help you in obtaining a position and/or a promotion. It will also save you time in the dissemination information

Faculty E-portfolio Web Sites

Each site is under construction- The Instructor is the webmaster.

Touro Course Resource Sites
Each site is under construction and is collaboratively administered by 1 or more instructors webmaster.
Each contains minmally Suggested Styudent Outcomes, a Book List (virtual bibliography) and some have student video, lessons, links and more.

More are under construction at

Sample Practicum Lesson Video

Rosie Worrie videos her Practium Lesson

Each site is "a work in progress"-. The Student is the webmaster.

Consider which site is best overall and why?
Which site has the most professional home page?
Which site is the most professional?
Which site is most intuitive for visitors?
Which site has the best lessons that you may wish to place ( links) on your site?
Which components are the coolest?