Eportfolio 101

"The object of education is to prepare the young to educate themselves throughout their lives."
~~ Robert Maynard Hutchins

The Personal Website E-Portfolio of

Professor Daniel Stein
Director of Technology Initiatives
at Touro College
Emails: dstein@touro.edu - abriteguy@aol.com

Faculty Participants
E-portfolio 101 January 17, 2012  -  2-4pm
950 Kings Highway, 2nd floor computer lab, Brooklyn, NY
Alan Sebel -http://schools.webhop.org/touroASebel
Annette Tuzzo -http://schools.webhop.org/touroATuzzo
Antonio Stancato -http://schools.webhop.org/touroAStancato
Brenda Strassfeld -http://schools.webhop.org/touroBStrassfeld (NG)
Delva King -http://schools.webhop.org/touroDKing
Gary Klien -http://schools.webhop.org/touroGKlien
Gerald Gissinger - schools.webhop.org/touroGGissinger
Howard Rotterdam -http://schools.webhop.org/touroHRotterdam
John Siolas -http://schools.webhop.org/touroJSiolas
Lenora Jones -http://schools.webhop.org/touroLJones
Mary P Esposito - http://schools.webhop.org/touroMEsposito
Melissa Earle - http://schools.webhop.org/touroMEarle
Paula Newman - http://schools.webhop.org/touroPNewman
E-portfolio 101 August 2, 2011
Yvette Colon
Stephen Levy
Vera Leykina
Cheryl Washington

Dan Readsthe CC Standards

Italian - Chinese - Hebrew -
COOL ISN'T IT- Want More?
After translating the site into another language click the NY Times Pink Link Below and the NY Times will be in that Language! WOW

Try the NY Times
Quick Links:
Video on Create your e-portfolio other videos on Schools.webhop.org/tourodsteinbb

Agenda for E-portfolio 101
  • Understanding the Internet with Glass House (window) Analogy
  • E-portfolio System Overview -
    • What is a site (samples)
    • How can it help with text documents, Links, videos, etc?
    • How can it help with Blackboard courses
  • Student Site Sample (may yield a position)
  • Course site EdSE 625
  • Creating a site with Naming Procedures
    • Gmail Account
    • Creating a site
    • Locating the site (URL) Internet address (Domain) Schools.webhop.org
    • Login (2 ways)
    • Edit Home page by adding your name in 16 point color!
    • Create pages and copy heading
      • Fun Links
      • XXX course links
      • XXX course videos
      • (Choose a topic)
  • Please Complete Evaluation (at end of Workshop)


Jing Test

Change a site to another Language (above)

Online Forms.....

Youblisher tutorial

Welcome to 603OP Video Conference:

This video conference has two parts
1- View a website: From a browser

In most cases it will ask you to load the latest Flash program for Adobe Connect

When it finishes please enter as a GUEST and write your first and last name

 You will be there if you see  Share My Screen

Just wait for 7:00
If you have a web cam you may turn it on so that I can see you

2-Voice: At 7:00 pm from a telephone
    Please dial in (213) 417-9250
    Enter code 172230#

Prior to the course
Each has a NEW gmail address, in the form touroFL (f= first letter of first name +Last Name), with a new password.
Each has created a site= to their gmail without the @gmail.com
Understanding the web
Concepts-  Inside and Outside a site - Glass House Analogy
Login 2 ways  gmail.com or yoiur site "sign In"
Add Text/color/font-  add heading to Home page:
This is the personal website of
Your Name
created at Touro College
My Email:
My Website: schools.webhop.org/touroFL
Create 2 new topic page:
Copy/Paste (Control+x, Control+c, Control+v, Control+z )
Search and add (embed) a youtube video)
Create a Jing Account...
Start Jing-
You will need a Jing account- Start from the program Techsmith/Jing
Use your class touroFL gmail address and the password.
Download FREE Jing from home at jingproect.com
You will need a youtube Account with touroFL@gmail.com to publish video

Test 1


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