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"The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark."
– Michelangelo Buonarroti

During the course you will be exposed to the concept of Differentiated Instruction. However unlike most courses you will be asked to demonstrate that you use DI by creating your own e-portfolio teaching website. In this course we will teach methods of demonstrating your content knowledge with video, animations, text, lesson plans, student worksheets and more.
Many think this is impossible and are frightened. Hang in there and get assistance from your colleagues in class or in Blackboard discussion board FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).
You will be asked to create a special NEW touro gmail account (already chosen for you). With this you may be asked to create several other FREE accounts (teachertube.com, youtube,com, picasa.google.com, jingproject.com and others).
IMPORTANT NOTE: While we are here to assist you, there is NO LIMIT to what you can produce with your own creative genious! Do NOT expect that your e-portfolio will be complete or that you can accomplish every task!
How to get an "A" - Be the best in your class by producing a great e-portfolio teaching site. Earn credit for asking and answering questions.
Differentiated Instruction uses multiple learning styles as well as allowing both remediation and open ended expansion for those who complete a task. So too my course will allow both. EXCEL and make me proud! Assist others!
Enjoy Learn and Grow!
Towards the end of the course you will be asked to complete an e-portfolio questionnaire and state which web pages you have created (yes you can add your own as well). DO NOT EXPECT that you will do them all.... The game is afoot!
E-portfolio - Rubric/Checklist results
Links to review

The Definition of a Function
What is f(x)?
The Best Function Quote
2-Dimensional (x, y) Functions

Linear Functions

Polynomial Functions

Rational Functions

Exponential Functions

Trigonometric Functions

Intersections of 2-Dimensional (x, y) Functions

Locations of visitors to this page
Locations of visitors to this page

In this course we learn and use use technology as a vehicle to demonstrate Course Student learning Outcomes
located on:
Additional topics may include IAUP Internet Acceptable Use Policy TutorialRTI, Differentiated Instruction, Common Core Standards, NYS ED Assessment tools - e.g. Dibels, SESIS (IEP), SUMMIT Math, SUMMIT IMP,

Students will create a PLE, Personal Learning Environment in the form of an E-portfolio demonstrating mastery of the Course Student Learning Outcomes.
Students should prepare E-portfolio Pages for Student Course  Outcome Topic Presentations as if they were conducting Professional Development for Staff and Parents in their current or future position
Use a varied devices, print, video, Prezi, Powerpoint online exams etc on your site

All written/web  assignments will  be turned in as a professional Printed Portfolio
Use Print Screen

Please create your gmail account and site (ONLY BASIC SITE PLEASE)
"Touro Gmail Accounts and Student Information Form for ALL E-portfolios"

Video on Create your e-portfolio other videos on Schools.webhop.org/tourodsteinbb
E-portfolio Powerpoint
E-portfolio Guide

Recommended Webcam
Purchase a webcam with microphone (LED lights are good). Try Microcenter
- Digital Innovations ChatCam™ Webcam

Create a SUMMIT page
2 columns- Heading top left-
Instructions underneath
Revise thef ollowing
Success Using Multimedia Math Internet Technologies
Instructions for first activity:
  1. Students should download and print a SUMMIT IMP - Individualized Math Plan
  2. Go to qccmath.webhop.org
  3. On the left hand side, click on SUMMIT PLAN
  4. Click on Activity 1.1 Comparing Six Digit Numbers
  5. Read Directions, scrool down and press START to begin the activity
  6. After about 20 problems click Report Totals
  7. Type in your name where promted and print results
  8. Return to print out of SUMMIT IMP to enter the date and results for each activity you complete. Write comments on the right of each line.
    Write I GET IT when you understand and are ready for an assessment.
  9. Both, your printouts of your Report Totals and your SUMMIT IMP should be placed in your Math Folder after each use
Create a Scientific Notation Page (standard Mini-Lesson Layout).
Advanced Work... Kahn Academy - Look up and insert a video example from KA.
Check to see if you can locate the ebook version of
How to Differentiate Instruction in a Mixed Ability Classroom
by Carol Ann Tomlinson
Touro ebook ( may require login or first make an account)
Touro Library - http://www.tourolib.org/

Create a new page "Math Links" with 2 columns, heading
Create a new page "Math Lessons" with 2 columns, heading
Sample Student Videos
Lisa Dolcimadoscolao - Friction- Surface Tension



Density - Make a Lava Lamp



November 30th at 8:15 pm.


Screen Capture on Mac - Tutorial

Links to the webinar below are NOW ACTIVE

Visual (To Look) will accessible through a computer (not ipad/tablet)

Audio (To Listen) will be through a telephone conference call

Welcome to a Blackboard Webinar for 670 ON
with Professor Stein

There are 2 parts; Part 1- LOOK and Part 2- LISTEN

Part 1-
TO LOOK:   after 7:30 pm)

Or Click Below:


Then select "Enter as a Guest"
Write your name and course number lower rights (so we are aware of your attendance)

2- TO LISTEN: Dial in to a Telephone Conference
Tel. Number:
(712) 432-0255
Enter the Participant Access Code:
No speaker phones please (background noise).

Please State your name upon entering the webinar to introduce yourself.

EMERGENCY to ENTER- If you need help you can call Prof. Stein on my cell (516) 582-5437-
I conduct the webinar from my home phone. If I can break away I will pick up this line.


Quick review of: Downloading completing and uploading assignments from/to BB assignments

An overview of Digital Portfolio (your final 670 project). This project is named 670allfirstname  (example 670alldan.docx)



·         A review of a digital portfolio

o   Uses in attaining a position/advancement

o   Uses for curriculum – students’ projects.

·         Naming convention: This project is named 670allfirstname  (example 670alldan.docx)

·         Table of contents (adding and updating)

o   Use of SNIP (Snipping Tool in Windows 7 and above

·         Use of Dropbox (Your all documents should be saved in your dropbox, in a folder 670firstname)

·         NEW (if time permits)  Saving the "all" document as a pdf (portable document file) in dropbox

·         NEW (if time permits)  Copying/Sending a SHAREABLE link to your online pdf document

MyWebTemplateTouro MyVCVTemplate.docx -

SimulatedVideoGroup - edTPA  Lessons (edTPA aligned by group)
Upload to BB edTPA Made Easy Discussion Board
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 Kristie Blake -  Curricula Vitae

 Landi Curricula Vitae

Simulated Video Lesson

Please alow Professor Colon to assist you as you create your video
Please download and complete this  lesson plan.
If working as a group just add your name to the top
Please uplad this to your MyLesson page.

A video using Jing.



<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube-nocookie.com/embed/ddb0Jjk9c0U?&autoplay=1" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>


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Many of my courses allow a student to create an e-portfolio website.Exceptional students are asked to create an introductory screen animation Site Tour for their Home Page, which will allow all visitors (principals, parents, educators and students) to  to be amazed!
Topics of interest for a principal may include, IEP, SESIS (2), UDL, Smartboart, RTI, Common Core Standards and State Standards, Evidenced Based Instruction, Differentiated Instruction, Preparation to Increase Assessment Scores, Site Translations to multiple languages, Student screen animations (created with webcams) and more.
Go on a virtual Field Trips to one of the following countries:
France - Egypt - Spain - Greece - Italy - England -
Ireland - Africa - China

NYSED Office of Assessment
Teaching Video - Deborah Ball
Who is Deborah Ball?  1 - 2

Review this site
What are the best features. Give examples.
See the ebook
How to Differentiate Instruction in a Mixed Ability Classroom
by Carol Ann Tomlinson
Touro ebook ( may require login or first make an account)
Touro Library - http://www.tourolib.org/
Transition Article
Understanding by Design/ Differentiated Instruction

Prof Bellavia
Jen's Book as a Flipbook
Jen's Book Read by Prof. Stein
Jen's Book with an introduction

Prof. Bellavia draws a cat!
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Welcome Class 601QA and 603QA!!! Fall 2010 Forest Hills
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For the Exceptional Student - Get a Voki and place it on your site.

A word from George Lucas
Use technology to communicate!
Hopefully in his course you ill lean to demonstrate course outcomes, with newly leaned skills including video, animations, audio, graphics and more ... ALl for the world to see on your very own e-portfolio.
Professor Stein
Want a teaching position or a promotion?
Consider using Technology and E-portfolio!
Principals need teachers who:
  • Make the principal look GREAT
  • Have students that are engaged in learning and want to come to school
  • Who are aware that there are state assessments
  • Who assist their students in greatly improving their NYS assessment scores
  • Who use Differentiated Instruction
  • Can use technology and assist staff in using technology
  • Who act and produce at a Professional Level
Remember- You get a position NOT because you think you are great, but rather because you make your future employer think you are great and can fulfill his/her needs.

Jennifer Scarafile - Jennifer has never met Professor Stein! All this is the result of an ONLINE Course - Watch her online Civil War video  and

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The Form to Enter the Competition

Touro E-portfolio/video Showcase

Extra Credit from an Online Student Elizabeth Gamble

How to make a Wordle Liz Gamble

KWL Chart

Liz Gamble - KWL Chart

SUMMIT with Andre

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