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This is the video I was talking about.
More about Ez Math Trix
Ez Math Trix: Founded in March 2002 by Dr. J.R. Grandhe and his team
Siri Grandhe is the inspiration for this video. Watch her perform the "Siri Time Constant" trick in which she adds and subtracts time units quickly and easily. Because of her unusual skills, by the age of 10 Siri had already appeared on several television shows such as Nickelodeon, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and NBC News. She has also been featured in magazines including Children's National Geographic and India Today.
An exemplary panel of experts compiled a system that addresses the most common math difficulties through an extensive series of market research studies. Then, test subjects were taken from a broad cross-section of people: school students, university professors and their pupils, various types of business executives, and professionals such as attorneys, engineers, and doctors. The aim of these studies was to devise an easy, fun and above all, effective method for learning mathematics that applies to everyday life and school curriculums. The results have proved very successful as nearly every participant in the study felt that their math skills had improved dramatically after viewing the video
Ez Math Trix is the first in a line of unique student aids. Mathematics is the first subject covered as this often proves difficult for young students. The special skills that our products teach, allow the student to approach math from a more analytical standpoint, and while the video will certainly appeal to children, many older students and adults will find it enjoyable as well. Ez Math Trix is as entertaining as it is educational.
If you would like more information on our products, please contact us.
Copyright © 2003.EzMathTrix™. All rights reserved

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