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Sidekick Dance-Off

Afraid you haven’t got the moves for a real dance-off? Then challenge your friend to a virtual dance-off in T-Mobile’s new campaign for the Sidekick. Using 3D VideoStar technology, you can upload two photos for a truly individualized competition.

A Virtual You

Choose Your Surrogate allows you to design a virtual just like in Disney’s upcoming movie, Surrogates. Now you can have all the fun without the risks!

Turn Yourself Around!

Turn Yourself Around

Upload a photo and Turn Yourself Around in a hilarious video from I Can't Believe It's Not butter! Send it to all your friends!
Make Your Video

Happy Friend's Day

Quilmes, the top-selling beer in Argentina, celebrates Friend's Day with Hace Confesar A Un Amigo ("Make a Friend Confess"). The application uses our PhotoFace technology and new custom facial emotions.

Bot Builder

Are you bot or not? Design your ideal bot in full 3D with Svedka's Bot Builder, then email your creation to your friends or post it on your blog or social network.

Take a Stand

The latest campaign from Bayer's One A Day asks users to Take a Stand against breast cancer by joining a virtual march. Bayer will make a donation to a breast cancer charity for each person who participates, so take a stand and join the march!

My Movie Moment

Fox's My Movie Moment is back with six new movies for Father's Day, including Terminator, Robocop, and Office Space. The entire application has been rebuilt with our newest VideoStar widget technology - enjoy!

Smooth and Dreamy

Is there a love better than ice cream? Breyers' new Smooth and Dreamy campaign invites you to find out in webisode parodies of classic romance films like Gone with the Wind, starring Tony Award-winner Jane Krakowski.

Trek Yourself

Cheez-It and Paramount have teamed up to promote the newest Star Trek film. Trek Yourself allows you to join the virtual crew of the Enterprise. And, boldly going where no campaign has gone before, users can grab the whole application and post it to their profile, blog, or site.

Find Yourself at IP

Your other self is having way more fun than you. See just what you've been missing at Find Yourself at IP. Upload a photo and escape the dreary confines of your day-to-day life!

Beggin' Time

You can't touch Purina's new campaign ... but you can upload photos of you and your dog to star in an MC Hammer-inspired song and dance routine. Check out Beggin' Time and go ballistic!

BrainFreeze Laboratory

7-11 is promoting Slurpee beverages with this new campaign: the BrainFreeze Laboratory allows you to upload your picture and see what happens when you drink a Slurpee a bit too quickly.

Babymaker 3000

Grab a virtual partner, upload two photos and start making babies in this campaign for Volkswagen’s new Routan minivan. Don’t have any photos handy? Play around with photos pulled from the web without leaving the application.

Engine Eddie

Pimp your lawn and start bragging about your backyard with this new application. Briggs & Stratton's Engine Eddie invites you to customize your own human-lawnmower hybrid and a record a taunt, boast or challenge before emailing your message to a friend.


The title says it all: make monkeys and send messages. Check out what one newspaper called the "third greatest human achievement, after only democracy and velcro."

4:53 Train to Happy Hour

Afraid your friends will miss happy hour today? This Coors Light application helps you remind your friends not to work too late. Add a photo of you or a friend and send a personalized invite to the 4:53 Train to Happy Hour.

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