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Watch as I explain SUMMIT MATH

Ms. Davis explains SUMMIT Math

  Success Using Multimedia Math Internet Technologies
Instructions for first activity:
  1. Students should download and print a SUMMIT IMP - Individualized Math Plan
  2. Go to
  3. On the left hand side, click on SUMMIT PLAN
  4. Click on Activity 1.1 Comparing Six Digit Numbers
  5. Read Directions, scrool down and press START to begin the activity
  6. After about 20 problems click Report Totals
  7. Type in your name where promted and print results
  8. Return to print out of SUMMIT IMP to enter the date and results for each activity you complete.  Write comments on the right of each line.
    Write I GET IT when you understand and are ready for an assessment.
  9. Both, your printouts of  your Report Totals and your SUMMIT IMP should be placed in your Math Folder after each use.