4th Grade Science NYS

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1) Which property of an object allows it to bend?
    A.  color
    B.  flexibility
    C.  mass
    D. size

Color, mass - which is the amount of matter there is in an object, and size have nothing to do with an objects ability to bend.  Flexibility, however is the ability to bend.

2)  A ball is thrown up into the air. Which force causes the ball to fall to the
    A.  friction
    B.  gravity
    C. magnetism
    D. electricity

3)  Which form of energy is produced when a guitar string vibrates?
    A.  chemical
    B.  light
    C.  magnetic
    D.  sound

4)  A toy truck rolls over a smooth surface. If the surface is covered with
   sand, the truck will most likely roll
    A.  slower
    B.  faster
    C.  at the same speed


5)  The diagram below shows an area of land that changed after many years.

  Which process changed the shape of the rock layers over time?
    A.  condensation
    B.  evaporation
    C.  erosion
    D. magnetism


6)  The pulley and lever shown below use mechanical energy to move an

 The pulley and lever are examples of
    A. circuits
    B. magnets
    C. measurement tools
    D. simple machines

Simple Machines

7)  A student rubs his hands together to warm them. His hands get warm
   due to
    A.  friction
    B.  gravity
    C.  magnetism
    D. sound

Warm Hands

8)  The Sun is classified as
    A.  an organism
    B.  a decomposer
    C.  a star
    D. a planet

Our Star, The Sun

9)  About how long does it take for Earth to make one revolution around the
    A.  one day
    B.  one week
    C.  one month
    D. one year

Earth's Revolution

10)  When a lightbulb is lit, electrical energy is changed into light energy and
        A.  chemical energy
        B.  magnetic energy
        C.  heat energy
        D.  mechanical energy

Light Bulbs

Which tool would be most useful for observing the details of an insect’s wings?
        A.  thermometer
        B.  balance
        C.  hand lens
        D.  graduated cylinder

Observing Details

Base your answers to the next two questions on the diagram below and on
your knowledge of science. The diagram shows four identical marbles and a
graduated cylinder containing 43 mL of water.

A student puts two marbles in the cylinder and the water level rises
from 43 mL to 45 mL. The student then puts the other two marbles in
the graduated cylinder. What will the water level be when all four
marbles are in the graduated cylinder?
A 43 mL
B 45 mL
C 47 mL
D49 mL

Graduated Cylinder - Marbles

Which property of the marbles causes the water level to rise when they
are put in the graduated cylinder?
A color
B shape
C texture
D volume


An incomplete electric circuit is shown below. The light bulb is not lit.

Which object placed at X would complete the circuit and light the bulb?
A magnet
B battery
C metal nail
D second light bulb


As the distance between a magnet and a metal paper clip increases, the
force of attraction between them
A decreases
B increases
C remains the same

Magnet / Paperclip

Which behavior will best help a student stay healthy?
A watching television five hours a day
B sleeping three hours each night
C eating fruits and vegetables each day
D exercising once a month

Healthy Choice

Which two life processes occur in both plants and humans?
A growing and reproducing
B germinating and making food
C growing and making food
D germinating and reproducing


A student places soil in a plastic container to make a home for some worms.
The student cuts holes in the top of the container because the worms need
A space to move
B air to breathe
C sunlight to grow
D sound to communicate


As children grow, their body height usually
A decreases
B increases
C remains the same


Which human response is most likely to occur because the air
temperature is 90°F?
A blinking
B salivating
C shivering
D sweating

90 degrees