4th Grade - pt 2

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Plants are producers because they

  1. can grow in soil

Why do some animals hibernate in the winter?

  1. to attract a mate


  A male puppy inherits traits from
  1. both parents
  2. its mother, only
  3. its father, only



Which two environmental changes usually cause certain animals to migrate?



The function of a plant’s roots is to take in

  1. light and water
  2. light and air
  3. nutrients and water
  4. nutrients and soil

Plant Structure and Function

The energy that is stored in food originally comes from

  1. air
  2. soil
  3. sunlight
  4. water

When two animals live in the same area and depend on the same organism for food, they are



A boy and his sister both play piano. Playing piano is an example of

  1. a life function


A student performed this experiment:  Four different types of seeds were planted in identical pots filled with the same kind and amount of soil. The pots were placed in a warm, sunny place and were given the same amount of water each day for a month.            

Which question about these seeds could be answered at the end of the month?

  1. Which seeds grew well in the dark?
  2. Which seeds produced the tallest plants?
  3. Which seeds survived in cold temperatures?
  4. Which seeds needed the least amount of water?



Venn Diagram



The diagram below shows water boiling in a metal pan that is sitting on a hot stove burner.

Explain why the handle of the pan is made of wood.

Heat Transfer

Base your answers to the next three statements on the water cycle diagram below and on your knowledge of science. Letters A, B, and C represent three processes in the water cycle.

Identify process A and  B. 
Identify two forms of precipitation that return water to Earth’s surface in process C.

Water Cycle

The diagram below shows two measuring containers, A and B.

Container A contains 10 milliliters (mL) of a liquid. All of the liquid from container A is poured into container B. Shade container B in the diagram above to show the volume of the water in container B after it was poured from container A.


Diagrams A, B, C, and D below show the same tree branch during each of the four seasons in New York State.

Identify the seasons shown in B and C.


The diagram below shows a factory located along a river.

Describe two negative effects the factory might have on the organisms living in the area.


The diagram below shows a house and a yard.

Identify two nonliving things labeled in the diagram.

Non-Living Things

Base your answers to the next two statements on the diagram of a food chain below.

Identify a predator in this food chain.
Explain why the population of frogs might decrease if the number of snakes increases.

Food Chain

Base your answers to the next two statements on the diagram below and on your knowledge of science. The diagram shows the same fox in summer and winter.

The fox has dark fur in the summer, which turns white for the winter.
Explain how this adaptation helps the fox to survive in winter.

Identify another seasonal adaptation, other than fur color, that helps the fox to survive in winter.