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Touro EdSe 602 Introduction to Special Educstion Fall 2007

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Welcome! This is a very practical course. It will set the stage for passing the LAST, CST (Content Specialty Test).  There will be assignments to complete and you will be asked to submit them in multiple ways (through Blackboard homework, Blackboard  discussion board, and for those exceptional students through Teacher Tube (http://www.teachertube.com).

Course Description 

This course focuses on: the historical background to current approaches to teaching children with disabilities; special education and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act; current theories and methodologies in special education; inclusion and the concept of the least restrictive environment; early intervention; special education programs, curricula, classroom management, and technologies; educational challenges and instructional approaches with children whose disabilities are associated with mental retardation, physical and sensory impairments, language delays, emotional disturbances, and learning disabilities; introduction to approaches and debates on reading and language arts instruction for native English speakers and English language learners. 

Assignments will include

  • a paper (done with technology at the Touro Virtual Library)
  • IEP
  • Issues in Education

Keep in mind, that this online course is set up so that I can assist you and your classmates can assist you as well.