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Welcome to my E-Portfolio !


My Name is Jennifer J. Scarafile and I am excited to present to you a portfolio of myself!

I hold a Bachelor of Science Degree from Syracuse University in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing.  I am currently a student at Touro College pursuing my Masters Degree with a dual certification in Elementary Education/Special Education. 

Oh-did I mention- I am also a mother in the process of raising three (yes,3) boys ages 9½, 11, and 13! I hold a part-time job as teacher- aide at E.R. Hughes Elementary School in New Hartford, NY.  I have also held positions as library aide, substitute aide, and lunch/playground monitor within my district.  With the experience I have gained in several diverse classrooms, coupled with the knowledge I have received throughout my years of  schooling, I am confident you will find all you are looking for and more in a middle school math teacher!

I have many talents to offer my future students!  First and foremost I am a WIFE and MOM! My successful marriage has given me opportunity to realize that life is about compromises.  When I became a mother I learned that we need to be forgiving, thoughtful and learn to put other’s needs before our own.  I also learned that in order to survive I MUST Multi-task!!  I have become very competent at this skill.  I have also learned to become a short-order cook!  Not only cook, but prepare creative ways in which to get the child to eat the “healthy” foods they need.  (For example, to get a child to eat peas, you can’t tell them it is peas. I put them in split-pea soup and call it “Ham-Bone” soup, tell them hockey players eat it, and it’s gone! Voila!)  This creativity is key in the classroom as well.  The trick is to give the student what they want, (which is what they need) they just don’t know it! 

I have also come to the realization that a set of directions-given at the same time- can be perceived differently by as many different people that are listening! 

I am thankful for my family as they have prepared me for my future teaching position.  Not only have they prepared me, they have supported me every step of the way.   This site is dedicated to them>>>