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The routes below were from the 2011 Tour of Muncie.
Print them out and have your own tour of our community!

(Click on each map to view larger versions)

Stormwater - Green Infrastructure 
The Stormwater green infrastructure tour features
stops at various sites that have implemented storm
water best management practices (BMPs) that reduce
the amount of run-off entering the storm sewers and
our rivers and streams. participants will have the
opportunity to see a rain garden being installed.

Ball State Green Tour 
The Ball State Green Tour will feature stops at the 
Geothermal heating and cooling station, with a presentation
by BSU Facilities personnel on how the system works.
Also on the tour are stops at the new Glick Art Glass Center, 
Christy Woods, Greenhouses and Orchid Collection, 
Park Hall (a LEED certified building), BSU bicycle infrastructure,
Bio-swales and storm retention areas, and the Ball State
Recreation Center and Outdoor Pursuits Equipment Rental 
and Resource Center.

Natural Areas 
The Natural Areas tour features stops at the John 
Craddock Wetlands Area, Hughes Nature Preserve, 
And Minnetrista's Nature Area.

Weird Muncie 
The Weird Muncie Tour highlights the strange and 
interesting spots in Muncie including the Castle House, 
Cintas guy, AT&T Building, Algier's Barber Shop-truck-house,
and more!

Community Gardens 
The Community Garden tour features stops at the
multiple community gardens that have sprung up around


The Historic tour features stops at important historic
buildings and locations, including building currently 
under renovation, some that are threatened, as well as
Minnetrista and it's Ball Family legacy.

SE Muncie
The south east Muncie tour is a slef-led tour that
takes participants on a ride on the Cardinal Greenway,
through Heekin Park and back to downtown.

Greenway South - Reservoir - Losantville 
The Greenway south tour allows riders to customize this route
by adding a reservoir loop, and several turn-around locations, 
creating an option of 13 to 40miles. A SAG station will be located
at the Greenway 500 bike shop.

Greenway North - Gaston 
The Greenway north takes riders on an out and back 
route to Gaston.

Lunch Map
There is a lunch break between tours - providing participants
the opportunity to grab some great food from some of our
downtown Muncie restaurants, or take a short ride over to the Ball
State Village area.