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Mrs. Ampuero's Science Lesson on Density

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Welcome to my website, my name is Emma Ampuero and I am a student at Touro College. I am currently working towards my Masters degree in general/special education grades 1-6. I am due to graduate in June 2011. I've never taught before so I have mixed emotions, I am extremely excited to teach but nervous at the same time.
I am currently doing my practicum at The Fairview School, P.S. 14Q. I love the school, the staff and the students! It would be a great opportunity if I could get hired at P.S. 14Q come this September! Before ever stepping foot in P.S. 14Q I thought I would only want to teach at a catholic  school, because the majority of my education is catholic, but after spending so many months there I've changed my mind. I am definitely looking forward to teaching special education and giving back to my community. I know I can a difference!

Resume available upon request.

Mrs. Ampuero's Math Lesson on Division