Multiplying Fractions (Video)

Author of this Lesson : Daphane Vanel
Title of Lesson: Multiplying Fractions
Lesson Plan (UDL Format - Universal Design for Learning)

Student Worksheet (Lab Sheet)
NYS Standard -
Students will:
  • understand the concepts of and become proficient with the skills of mathematics;
  • communicate and reason mathematically;
  • become problem solvers by using appropriate tools and strategies;
through the integrated study of number sense and operations, algebra, geometry, measurement, and statistics and probability

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Goals of this Lesson:

1. The student will be able to multiply fractions with one and two digit numbers.

2. The student will be able to multiply fractions and whole numbers.

3. The student will practice placing fractions in lowest terms and identifying numerators and denominators

Description of Lesson:
To understand how to multiply fractions you should already have a basic understanding of what a fraction looks like. You need to know that the top number is called the numerator while the bottom number is called the denominator. When you go to multiply the fractions together you will be multiplying the numerators together and the denominators together to get the correct answer.

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Multiplying Fractions

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