Math/Tech Lesson

Geometry Unit
Title: Angle Relationships & Parallel Lines
  • State Standards: 3.5. Reasoning and Proof Strand: Students will recognize reasoning and proof as fundamental aspects of mathematics.
  • 8.RP.1. Recognize that mathematical ideas can be supported by a variety of strategies.
Lesson Overview
Introduce the relationship between vertical, adjacent, complementary, and supplementary angles, as well as angles formed by two parallel lines and a transversal.

Lesson Description for Day

In this lesson, students will learn the special relationships that pairs of angles can have. Student will be introduces to use the correct terminology when discussing these angles. The first pair of angles we are going to talk about is vertical angles. Vertical angles occur when two lines

intersect. The opposite angles are vertical. Draw the following vertical angles on the chalkboard.


Warm Up Exercise Online-Math Summit: Complementary & Supplementary Angles


Introduce and Model New Knowledge:

Key Vocabulary:  Vertical Angles      Adjacent Angles     opposite Angles

                                    Vertical Angle Theorem          Congruent       Supplementary Angles

                        Complementary Angles          Straight Angle                      Perpendicular

                                    Right Angles                           Parallel lines                Intersect

                        Alternate interior Angles                    Alternate exterior Angles        Transversal

                                    Corresponding Angles


Provide Guided Practice:

                                                Example on Smartboard

Provide Independent Practice:

                                 Student will work in impact math text page 90-92


Pull the whole class back together, and discuss significant learning’s from today's activities. Using a 'Think, Pair, and Share' format (pose a question, have partners discuss, then invite volunteers to share with the whole class), have students respond to these questions:

Students Worksheet-Attached below
Here is a the lesson given in an actually classroom:
Smartboard- Smart Made Easy:

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