Math Field Trip-NY Hall of Science

New York Hall of Science-Mathematica

New York Hall of Science
47-01 111th Street
Flushing Meadows, NY 11368
(718) 699-0005 • 699-0301 Groups

Hall of Science

The following video allows you to take a virtual tour through the NY Hall of Science in Queens, New York. 

Hall of Science

Mathematics has been called the 'Queen of the Science' for it’s intrinsic beauty and because it has mothered a host of other sciences. Traditionally, its branches have been arithmetic, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, statistics and logic.The progress of mathematics and devices for calculating and computing have been closely interrelated since the invention of the abacus. Today’s modern computers solve in seconds problems that would have taken mathematicians months or years just two decades ago. This exhibition helps communicate the scope of mathematics and the work mathematicians do. Charles and Ray Eames originally created this exhibit in the 1960’s for the IBM pavillion at the New York World’s Fair.

Curriculum Connections

M2 Geometry and Measurement Concepts Analyze and generalize geometric patterns.

M4 Statistics and Probability Concepts
  • Make predictions based on experimental or theoretical probabilities.
  • Predict the result of a series of trials once the probability for one trial is known.

M8-Putting Mathematics to Work

  • Mathematical model.
Earth and Space Science Describe the motion of planets, moons, and other objects in the solar system, and how their motion leads to days and nights, months, seasons, years, tides, moon phases, and eclipses. Based on New York City edition of the New Standards™ Performance Standards for Mathematics.

Based on the New York State Elementary Science Core Curriculum and the New York City New Standards™