Welcome to the personal website of Daphane Vanel created at Touro College. 
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 I have demonstrated the use of several Google Apps to excite education which is content based. I may use pictures, Jing, print screen captures, videos and oh yes text. If I use video or Jing I will try to save the video and upload it to BOTH teachertube.com and Youtube.com (teachertube.com is viewable in most classrooms but cannot at this time be embeded. Youtube is embedable and looks COOL!
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 It is not wise to place personal information on  the Internet.
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 Here is a little about me: 
   I began my teaching background even before I knew it would become a life-long passion. To be an educator you must always keep in mind the big picture.  There are many challenges to achieving success in our field. These challenges come internally and externally.  We have to be willing to face these obstacles and endure. This is what I tell myself as often as needed
I recently began my professor career as an educator in the NYC Public School District 29. I received a position at the Ronald McNair Public/Middle School in Cambria Heights, NY. I have enjoyed teaching all students from kindergarten to eight grade. I look forward to teaching adolescence from grades five to eight in subjects of math and science. 

Jul 8, 2009, 8:35 AM