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Professor Daniel Stein
Director of Technology Initiatives
at Touro College 
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Introduction to Blackboard  (right column)with Prof. Stein
Students are asked to create an E-portfolio
Create your NEW Gmail account and your e-portfolio site
And the please complete the form
"Touro Gmail Accounts and Student Information Form for ALL E-portfolios"

E-portfolio Powerpoint
E-portfolio Guide

1- Create your new gmail (pink link above and your e-portfolio site)

Create your Eportfolio - gmail - site and a sample)

2- Add Topic Pages with Heading Information - Required to be in complkiance with the NYC Internet Acceptable Use Policy.
Your single site can have many topics from many courses. Present yourself and provide information as a professional informing colleagues students or adminitrators. View sample sites of prior students
In Professor Stein's class students should start with pages:
Differentiated Instruction, Commn Core Standards, Universal Design for Learning SUMMIT and add additional pages as we cover topics
So let's Get Started.

Prof. Stein- Add Topic Pages

 3- Add Youtube video to your Topic Page
Choose a Topic page ( or create new pafges for...)
Differentiated Instruction
Common Core Standards
Then watch the video... Good Luck. If you are in Blackboard Ask Questions in BBDB FAQ or write a subject line "Added Video YEAH!!!!"

E-portfolio Add Youtube Video

Introduction to Professor Stein's Blackboard Course
It uses the 2 site system

Intro to the 2 site system

Phone.doc See how this is done

phone.doc How to complete it

Video Site Tour Bone Island