TEC BB Workshop

Welcome to the TEC BB Workshop
Fall, 2010

Professor Daniel Stein
Touro College, Graduate School of Education
Director of Technology Initiatives
This Website: schools.webhop.org/tourodstein
Welcome to Touro's TEC Blackboard Workshop
 Why use technology anyway?
Please review some/all of the videos on Technology Perspectives
We will discuss some in the BB course once all the setuup is complete.
We have a diverse group
Before we start II would appreciate obtaining some information. With life's presseures and a busy schedule it seems wise that partticipants learn how technology can assist them with their current load and perhaps expand your knowledge and skills.
While this is your course I will limit myself to certain topics.
Diversity- Some :
Re: Blackboard
Some have never experienced it
some wish to enhance their current live class
some wish to learn how to teach online
Some wish to learn advanced features of BB
Re: Tech
Some are novice, some experienced, some have a dislike for it.
Re: E-portfolio
Some have an e-portfolio
Some know what it is but as yet do not have one
Some already know thatit is a great simple way to enhance their live or BB course.
With this in mind please complete the following
Important Note while I know many ion this course on a varietyof levels, it will be impossible to help all on an individual basis.
With this in mind ( and as I do in my BB courses) I will ask that questions be discussed in a BB Discussion Board Forum whichI will set up soon. Here you can help each other with tech learning.....