Students With Disabilities Workshop
  "Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together." – Vincent van Gogh

Professor Daniel Stein

Touro College, Graduate School of Education
Director of Technology Initiatives
This Website: schools.webhop.org/tourodstein
This is an Online Trainin Exercise that is sure to increase your scores and the passing rate on the NYS TCE Students with Disabilities. Follow the directions are on the right.




The NASDTEC Interstate Agreement, 2010-2015; doc

NASDTEC Newsletter102010

We want ALL to learn from this Workshop/Experience!
Each of the questions has public links to videos, websites, articles, ebooks, etc., to help you LEARN and find the correct answer.
Take each exam multiple times and the random questions may change.
Professor Stein's students are asked to  email the results of this worshop to:
To get course credit for this exam please write the following in the subject line:
The Exams:
The NYS Teacher Certification SWD Exam is divided into 3 sub areas
Below  find links to 3 workshop training workshops for  sub area.  Workshop 4 qill combine ALL the questions for a comprehensive exam. GOOD LUCK!
Students with Disabilities 1 (Coming Soon)
Students with Disabilities 3 (Coming Soon)
Students with Disabilities 4 (Coming Soon)
New York State has reciprocal teacher certification agreements with every state; however, each state has unique requirements.  To find out the requirements for specific states, please access the Department of Education homepages for each state. 

All teacher candidates are required to take a series of exams as part of their requirements to become certified to teach in New York State. The NYSTCE exam series is designed to insure that certified teachers have the necessary knowledge and skills to be an effective teacher in the New York State public schools.  Teacher candidates will not become  NYS certified without a passing score on all the necessary exams.

Currently individuals seeking an Initial New York State teaching certificate must achieve qualifying scores on the set of assessments below. Please check the  for updates on the Department of Education  as requirements are subject to change:

  • LAST - Liberal Arts and Sciences Test
  • ATS-W - Assessment of Teaching Skills-Written, the elementary or the secondary version
  • CST - Content Specialty Test in the content area of the certification. (For example if you are seeking to be certified in English 7-12 you will take the CST for English. If you are seeking to be certified in any area of Elementary Education K-6, you will take the Multi-Subject CST.) *Those applying for Speech and Hearing Handicapped do not need the CST portion of these exams.

    Down Syndrome-Educating Peter

After taking the exam you will get a certificate.
Email this s=certificate to your professor. If you are a student of Professor Stein email it to tourodstein@gmail.com
Profesor stein asks that you also create an e-portfolio page "SWD Workshop".
Upload the image of the certificate to that page.
Here is the certificate and below that find video directions
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