Extra Credit Using Maps - 

Many students wish to enhance their grade with extra credit.  so here we go
Use Google Maps and sites like Trafficland.com to create an appropriate additional web page for a class trip.  Please give a Page tour using Jing or with a video (uploaded to Youtube.com and embedded on your Extra Cedit page and your home page. To get credt communicate with your classmates in class or via BB Discussion Board FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

On your Google E-portfolio site create a new page to be shared with your future students, their parents and administration on an educational excursion. Attach any forms necessary (Parental Permission form)

.This could be

A Class Trip or a Virtual trip to:
A museum
Neighborhood tour
Historical sites



Youtube.com (create an account using your e-portfolio (gmail) username and password)
Here you can make a video with your screen and or include yourself (suggested). upload your video and embedd it on your site

Screencast.com (create an account using your e-portfolio (gmail) username and password)
(You will need  Jing - download it Free) It is suggested that you ourchase a Pro Account at $14.00 year) At the press of a button you can upload your video to your Screencasrt (Jing) Account.

How to use Google Maps

How to use Google Maps