606_11 E-portfolio Review

Professor Daniel Stein
Touro College, Graduate School of Education
Director of Technology Initiatives
 EdSE 606 Science and Technology, Grade 5-9

~ Virtual Session 11~
We will present e-portfolio sites
View science videos
View the best of sites!
I am so proud of you all.

11.1 BBDB Classmate site review
Please visit the e-portfolios of at least 3 of your classmates which are located on schools.webhop.org/touroportfolios .

In the subject line write the  name of the person followed by "site reviewed" . Example "Dan Stein's site revewed"
This way all can see from the subject line who reviewed each site.
Please do this 3 times.
Please do not duplicate students until all are viewed.
Please reveiw the sites, from the perspective of a hiring Principal who needs to fill a Science Technology position.
Comments should always be POSITIVE. Please check for spelling.
1- Home page - Does it show a teaching video or an introduction?
Does it list links or have embedded other self made videos, Jings, Smartboard.
2- Does the student's site have the following pages on IEP and Differentiated Instruction which may serve as professional development in these areas. Are they introduced ( Jing, Podcast, Screentoaster, Video)?
3- Is there an Educational Links page? Are the sites linked and described in a few words?
4- Does the site have a resume page ( without tel. and address but with a statement such as "Due to security personal information has been omitted. Please email  for personal information)?
5- Are all pages labeled with minimally  the student's name email and website.
6- Does your My Lesson page (and if you did a Field Trip) have videos, a lesson plan ( UDL preferred) a student worksheet (asssessment)  videos, links or mention of standards. Is it captivating and or well done?
 NOTE: Extra educational pages are extra credit.
Please complete the Self Evaluation - Grade Request.
11.2 BBHW Course Comments -OPTIONAL-
I have requested that you upoload the letter to BBHW for safe keeping.
Letter of course comments. THIS WILL NOT EFFECT YOUR GRADE....
Should you wish ( optional) you may write a letter reflecting your experience learning content while creating your e-portfolio. Will you continue with your e-portfolio? Do you think it helpful in obtaining a position? Do you feel better prepared for the classroom and for job interviews?  Did you create videos before coming to cthis course and how do you feel about creating videos now? Compare your initial thoughts ( day 1) with those in your last class.