606_06 Science

Professor Daniel Stein
Touro College, Graduate School of Education
Director of Technology Initiatives
 EdSE 606 Science and Technology, Grade 5-9

~ Virtual Session 6~
6.1 BBHW Differentiate4.doc
Complete and upload to Blackboard Assignments
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Activity 1
Create a hidden page "~scrap". Do not add it to the sidebar.
1- In the left column add your name,  and a heading
Things I Learned in 606" and list all that you have learned.
2- On the right column the heading should be "Tutorials Important to me". List and add you.tube tutorial videos on several things you would like to remember.

Activity 2
Create a form with a science survey. Place a link to the LIVE form (Please take my survey on ***) on your home page.
Test it before you leave by having a classmate take the survey on their computer.

Activity 3
For homework take each survey  of each student by visiting schools.webhop.org/touroportfolios and clink on your class.

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Jun 16, 2010, 3:01 PM