606_05 UDL

Professor Daniel Stein
Touro College, Graduate School of Education
Director of Technology Initiatives
 EdSE 606 Science and Technology, Grade 5-9

~ Virtual Session 5~
Review the sites of classmates on
Learn about UDL
Watch UDL Principles and Practices
Watch this video (and others at the bottom of the page).

UDL in practice

Learn about UDL Universal Design for LearningLesson Plans
Visit www.cast.org and register (FREE)
Review Lesson Builder
Save the UDLintro.doc document below, complete the heading and the assignment.
Upload (View/Attach) it to BBHW-Assignments

5.2 BBDB My UDL Lesson 1
Download the lesson template.
Complete it for your lesson.
Attach the file in this discssion Board and describe when and how you will make the vidoe to classmates. Review the work and comment to at least 2 others.
5.3 BBDB Sokoban
Link to Sokoban

Here is a logic puzzle that you will probably enjoy. It is also a way to compete with Professor Stein!
Try one or 2 and thats it. The exceptional student will do MORE. Hehehehe
 A man in a warehouse can push one crate at a time into a shipping area (marked with boxes). He cannot pull a crate or push more than one at a time. Hence if you push a crate onto a back wall, or push several together (without being able to get behind them some way) you eventually will lose! Note that there is an undo button.
Complete each of 20 puzzles.
Prove to all that you have done this by taking a Priont Screen BEFORE moving in the last square.
Print the screen, paste it to a word document.
A Video Tutorial on "How to use Print Screen" may be helpful. It was created by a former student of Professor Stein's.
Save each document with the name z number sokoban # (# is the number of the puzzle. Then attach it to the BBDB Sokoban Forum with a comment
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