606_04 Assessment

Professor Daniel Stein
Touro College, Graduate School of Education
Director of Technology Initiatives
 EdSE 606 Science and Technology, Grade 5-9

~ Virtual Session 4~
Your goal of securing a position/promotion can be improved if you re alligned with the goals of your principal, supervisor, superintendent in better preparing the faculty to improve delivery of Science to the student population. Creation of web pages that accomplish this can demonstrate that you are a valuable leader. Also in this session you are asked to search for a science lesson to conduct with video to demonstarte your teaching skills.
What are Standardized Tests?
What are the benefits of Standardized tests.
Where can the schedule be found fo NYS (Math/Science in grades 5-9).
Where can we find the content which is covered?
Are there sampole tests that show the style (and content of NYS exams)

Please create and organize the following pages on your site
Math Curriculum
Math Assessment
Science Curriculum
Please consider that the exceptional student will present each page from the standpoint of Staff Developer of a school explaining the need for, and the schedule of the assessments. the core curriculum for Science and for Math.
4.1BBDB Book Review
Please review this book and explain how you could use it from your site

4.2BBDB My Science Lesson 1
Discuss your Lesson - Who will film it, Location etc.
Create a page on your site "My Science Experiment 1"
This page will be UNDER CONSTRUCTION
Find a topic ( search sites, youtube videos)
State the discipline
Find and add several videos that teach an experiment  which you can model
Prepare a chart which begins with the Scientific Method and then relate that your your experiment.
Introduce materials (state if it should NOT be tried at home)

This experiment should be uploaded to Youtube.com and placed on this page.

The written Lesson plan which will be added later will use UDL http://www.cast.org

For Fun
How can rearranging the same sizes of the shapes in the top triangle result in an extra space in the bottom triangle?