606_02 Differentiated Instruction

Professor Daniel Stein
Touro College, Graduate School of Education
Director of Technology Initiatives
 EdSE 606 Science and Technology, Grade 5-9~
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~ Virtual Session 2~
How will we introduce our pages.
Jing and or Video
Install Jing from
Create a FREE account with your new
Resources? Check Dr. Lehrer's site (schools.webhop.org/tourorlehrer)
Also view prior students and see how they created their IEP page
Also visit prior students web sites at
and click on classes
Response Documents (assignments)
Complete and upload to Blackboard Assignments
- Differentiate1
Authentic Assessment: Define in your own words Authenitic Assessment and how your e-portfolio can incorporae authenic assessemnt components (video, Podcast, Animations) Also What is Alternative Assessment it (Wikipedia)?
In keeping with the idea that you are creating your e-portfolio to get a position or a promotion, please create a page(s) on your website "Differentiated Instruction", "Assessment and Standards" and subpages if needed.
On all pages (2 columns) copy your heading (name, touro email, URL, etc.).
Your task is to show all visitiors that you understand Differentiated Instrucion and assessment by offering them virtual training.
Consider (embedding public video, text, links to e-books, wikipedika links, links to NovelNY Articles, etc.)
The exceptional student will add their own video, and screentoaster explaining the  page and how to use it.
Additionally - View whose page is the BEST!!!!
Make accounts using your class touro gmail and same password
Screencast.com ( Jing - Techsmith)
Differentiated Instruction Science

Differentiated Instruction Science


Differentiated Instruction