606_08 Science Resources

Professor Daniel Stein
Touro College, Graduate School of Education
Director of Technology Initiatives
 EdSE 606 Science and Technology, Grade 5-9

~ Virtual Session 8~
8.1 BBDB Science Resources
Create a page on your e-portfolios site entitled "Science Resources"
Divide the page (layout) into 2 columns.
On the left side the title should be "Science Links for Students " and on the right side "Science Links for Educators "
The name of each site entry should be linked to that site and open in a new window
A description of the site should be on the line(s) under the site name.
Upload your list to the BBDB  forum
In the forum please review the work of at least 2 classmates by visiting their uploaded page links or by visiting their site schools.webhop.org/touroportfolios (click on your class). Leave them a message in the forum. Make copies of your entry and responses to your classmates (use Printscreen) for your Printed Portfolio).
Please add the best sites to your own Science Resource page.
You may wish to google- "Best Science Websites" or visit
8.2 BBDB Smartboard
This assignment is for Live Classes at a site with Smarttboard.
Create a Smartboard Science web page on your site.
Place your heading in the left of
Find videos of Smartboard lessons
Add a link to
schools.webhop.org/tourosmartboard to what a smartboard can do and for tutorials.
While you are at the Smartboard start the notebook software and View the Gallery.
Try to use a Gallery Object in your  Smartbaord Lessons.
To learn more about sOhow to use Smartboard visit schools.webhop.org/tourosmartboard .
The exceptional student will create a Smartboard Lesson use a gallary object and demonstrate it on their site.
Visit a student of 606 - Marion M.
Visit Smart Exchange - Lessons sorted by subject and rated by visitors
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Jun 21, 2010, 3:30 PM