Professor Daniel Stein
Touro College, Director of Technology Initiatives


Welcome to
EdSE 606 -
Science and Technology for 
General and Special Education, Grades 5-9
At course close students should have an e-portfolio with the Home Page as the highlight with text and one or more video components demonstrating their teaching skills, science content and science assessment knowledge as well as their technology skills.
Additional pages will include but are not limited to My Science Lesson (with lesson components, a UDL Lesson Plan, Student Assessment worksheet, interactive practice, public videos, articles or e-books), video or animation instruction), UDL, Science Resources, IEP, Differentiated Instruction, My Resume, Smartboard page,etc.
Printed portfolios should have a coherent and logically organized  sectioned term project including a section of e-portfolio screen shots of pages with a comment at the bottom explaining highlights and or purpose of that page. Please include assignments and screen shots of your participation in BBDB.
Extra pages are welcomed.
Quick Links
Touro Course Resources 606 (All)
E-books (touroresources606)
The excellent student will at course end submit a request to be on NYS Teacher Showcase
Teachers with 5 Years experience cam apply for Teacher of the Year
IMPORTANT: ALL 606 students have been asked to create a NEW "Special" Course Gmail Account. This ccount will allow you to do MANY things. Only One account is needed for all of classes.
For directions as well as a form to share your Gmail Information please read/complete
"Touro Gmail Accounts and Student Information Form for ALL E-portfolios

IMPORTANT: Students shoulda headset with microphone and a have a digital camera available for this courses. Please secure a camera with video ( most have video) and have wires for a computer connection. Live classes should bring this each session.
IF you have a laptop Please bring it to class!!!!!!!
http://schools.webhop.org/touroresources606  (see what the course covers and the student outcomes)
http://schools.webhop.org/touroportfolios ( See e-portfolios of prior students)
http://touroweb.webhop.org  ( see some online lessons)

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