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Professor Daniel Stein
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Director of Technology Initiatives
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EdSE 603 Math Science and Technology,
General and Special Education, Grades 1-6

Create a Page on your site "My Math Unit"
You will be working in a group to teach a Math or Science  Unit

Elements of the page 

UDL Universal Design for Learning is often included on the CST SWD exam.
Please learn about it at www.cast.org.
Lesson Examples.....at Lesson Builder

In class we have done many math lessons.

Use the UDL Lesson Template (multiple times) below to create a Virtual teaching unit in Mathematics or Science. 

The Math unit should contain videos and possibly Powerpoint, Jing and/or Podcast presentations. Please work in assigned groups.

Suggested Math Unit Topics
  • Teaching Mutiplication with Table Names
  • Math Sets with cards - The Trick
  • Number pairs of 10 and 9
  • Consumer Math- Change from a Dollar
 What should be on My Math Unit Page
A video introduction by YOU
All that you might  write on a Blackboard for a lesson observation  by a principal (examples, Aim, Do Now, Goals. etc.)
Videos, Powerpoints  Jings, as needed.
Multiple UDL Math Unit Lesson Plans as needed (see template below)
Internet activities (may include math from SUMMIT)

Dan Stein,
Jul 1, 2010, 8:15 AM