601_07 IEP/EBI

"I don't think I am getting smarter, I just think I am tired of making the same mistakes over and over!"
- Stephen Herman

Professor Daniel Stein
Touro College, Graduate School of Education
Director of Technology Initiatives
 EdSE 601 Principles of Mathematics, Grade 5-9

~ Virtual Session 7~
This session ties together IEP and Evidence Based Instruction
Please create 2 pages on your site and the explain each page  using video on youtube or Jing
Consider that you are creating a professional development for your principal on each of these 2 pages. The audience is educators, support staff and parents
Use the following format
Ask Questions and supply Answers with text, video, and links.
Page 1- IEP -
Page 2- EBI - Evidence Based Instruction
What is an IEP?
Link to a Wikipedia
What programs used in compiling the IEP?
Who partakes in the IEP and what are their roles?
What is the IEP Process?
Evidenced Based Instruction
Why EBI? (relate it to federal laws, NCLB, FAPE,
IEB in Math, Reading, Social Studies, etc.
How to implement IEB,
How doesEBI relate to IEP?

Create page on your site called IEP
Describe the process with bulleted points
The following may be helpful
Read Previews of e-books
Review the preview orf these books
The following links
 EP Overview 

 IEP Annual Goals Short 

IEP Directions:Special Education:VESID::NYSED 

A Parent's Guide to Special Education 

The New York State Education Department Sample IEP Forms 

Preschool IEP 

School-Age IEP 

IEP Identifying Information 

Student Information Summary and Individualized Education Program

Individualized Education Program (IEP) Diploma:Special Education