601_02 Differentiated Instruction

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 EdSE 601 Principles of Mathematics, Grade 5-9

~ Virtual Session 2~
Differentiated Instruction
Differentiating Instruction in Math
Components of a Quality Math program for Students with Disabilities
Authentic Assessment
*Response Documents (assignments)
Download Complete and upload to Blackboard Assignments
2.1 BBHW  Differentiate1 (601differentiate1.doc)
2.2 BBHW IAUP (601iaup.doc)
Print Screen and upoad your assignments (2 per week)-
Do a print screen and paste it on a word document. Save the document as  SUMMT Number (example 1-3) with the title.
In the subject line write the SUMMT Number (example 1-3) with the title.
Create a Page SUMMIT MATH
SUMMIT -Success Using Multimedia Mathematics Internet Technologies -
2 columns with heading on left
On the right add these links
Students should Download and Print a
SUMMIT IMP -Individual Math Plan
You will be assigned topics
Complete an exercise (20 each) on Summit Math Plan and enter the date and results on their IMP
Write comments on the right of each line.
Write I GET IT when you understand and are ready for an exam.
Read E-book:
Teaching mathematics to middle school students with learning difficulties,  By Marjorie Montague, Asha K. Jitendra
Chapter: Quality Mathematics Programs for Students With Disabilities. (Beginning Page 133)

Authenitic Assessment: Review it on Wkipedia

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Differentiated Instruction
SUMMIT Math - http://qccweb.webhop.org


Differentiated Instruction Intro

Differentiating Math Instruction