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EdSE 601 Principles of Mathematics, Grade 5-9
~ Virtual Session 1~
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Course Objectives Requirements " Apply for a Great Position", demonstrating Student Outcomes (syllabus)
  • E-portfolio
  • Printed Portfolio
 E-portfolio objective
  • Create a Gmail
  • Create an E-portfolio Site
  • Layout 2 colums with
  • Add text in the left column (This is the personal website of "Your Name" created at Touro College - Email - Website )
  • Create new page(s) - All 2 colums with your heading, Name Email, Site)
    • Differentiation
    • IEP
    • Research Based Instruction
    • ARIS- What is NYC ARIS ? 
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  • Assignments
Respond to Blackboard Discussion Board. 
1.1BBDB Intro
In BB Discussion Board Intro, introduce yourself to the classmates and respond to the posts of at least 3 others. Telling them your thoughts about your work and goals and talents.
1.3 BBDBWatch the video(s) below and Discuss it in BB Disculssion Board
Each Discussion Board has the same title as the Video
Resources and Links
Touro Blackboard-
Syllabus  - Suggested Topics - 
http://touroweb.webhop.org (601 overview, 601 course overview,
Video:  Pay Attention (Technology)

Pay Attention