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     My name is Charise Rogers and I am a Graduate Student at Touro College.  I'm studying to receive my Master's Degree in Elementary- General and Special Education.  I invite you, and thank you; for visiting my website.  
     On my website, you'll find a wealth of information on today's Education topics, like Differentiated Instruction and Common Core Standards. I've also added my own personal pages of interest, like The Twice Exceptional Student page and the page on Multiple Intelligences.  There are resources available for teachers, parents and students. I hope you find my website helpful.     
     My Philosophy on Education
(1) I believe that one size does not fit all:  The world is full of different types of people.  Never before has this been more apparent than in the diversity of students that fill our classrooms today.  Today's teacher has the challenge of meeting the needs of students of different cultures and backgrounds; and mixed- abilities, that range from special needs to gifted, all in the same classroom.  We, as teachers,  must rise to the challenge of meeting their needs; first-by accepting and embracing this reality.  I think the true heterogenous classroom is a thing of the past. In order to help our students, we need to know them.  We need to know their strengths, interests, weaknesses.  We need to get to know them and appreciate them as people.  No two students are alike.  It is up to us as teachers, to learn the differences.  Learning the differences that exist among such a diverse group of students, is the beginning of the plan to educate them. Like a "glove," we must find the appropriate "fit" for each, and reach all students in the classroom. This is our challenge. For teachers,this means reaching them, teaching them and assessing students in ways that bring out the best in them; capitalizing on their stregnths, and highlighting them as "individuals," not just "students."  We must tailor our instruction and assessment  to fit the individual child.  I think "Differentiated Instruction" is a way to help the child achieve success in the classroom.  It's an educational approach that respects and accepts the differences in the classroom.  DI requires the teacher to be more flexibile in terms of planning for the way material is presented,  and adjusting the curriculum to the needs of the student, instead of expecting the student to adjust to the curriculum.
       Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligence
I think Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligences model should be used when evaluating students. No two students learn the same, and children express themselves in differently.  By using Gardner's Multiple Intelligence model to help us assess our students, we are tapping into each child's ability, strengths and talents and they feel good about themselves.  Every student excels at something, it is up to us as teachers to find out what it is and build upon it.
Ms. Rogers teaching a Science Lesson:     Surface Tension 

Ms. Rogers Surface Tension Science Experiment

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Multiple Intelligence by Charise Rogers

Perfect Teaching
Is nothing other than
Sharing with others
The knowledge
That we claim as our own.
My heart is teaching me
How to be happy.
My soul is teaching me
How to be pure.
A poem by Sri Chinmoy

Pay Attention

If a child can't learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn.
-Ignacio Estrada

I am learning the art of listening.    
I wish to be an eternal student.
I am learning the art of believing.
I wish to be an eternal believer.
I am learning the art of serving.
I wish to be an eternal servant.
I am learning the art of becoming.
I wish to be    
The father of my silver dreams.
I wish to be    
The son of my golden realities.

                       by Sri Chinmoy
                                      Ms. Roger's teaching a Math Lesson

Ms. Charise Math Lesson- Converting Mixed Numbers and Improper Fractions


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