Touro College
Graduate Studies in Education and Special Education
EdSE 606 Science and Technology, Grades 5-9
Bayshore Campus 

View each student e-portfolio below demonstrating their knowledge of Science and Technology, teaching skills. Each will use technology to disseminate information to their colleagues, and future students.
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Weekly Agendas
Note our wesite  is NOT updated at this time


Oscar- View Class lessons on Work individually or in pairs. Do one of the Following
Best Picture - 
- Discuss the best way choose best production
- Create a rubric
- Collect data and output a graph (Excel or Online)
- Post the directions and oucomes to your website

Best Lesson -
- Discuss the best way choose best production
- Create a rubric
- Collect data and output a graph (Excel or Online)
- Post the directions and oucomes to your website

Printed portfolios submitted
Request a grade via email to Prof. Stein
- State your requested grade
- Substantiate with:  
--Were assignments in on time?
---How did you participate with others (help others,
---How did your Printed portfolio come out in comparison with others?
---What did you learn and how did you convey this is the Outcomes Assignment (video, pictures, graphics)?
---What did you do that was extra either in assignments or in methods ( ie. Extra videos, An assignments such as outcomes as a video, evidence how you have applied what you have learned in a in the classroom, how you have used your site with other teachers, students,extra website pages, etc.)?

Please remember that printed portfolios as well as websites are given to the chair as substantiation of your grade.

NOTE: Prof.  Stein welcomes all to join him in Field Experience and Practicum as well as 601 and 603 ONLINE (this summer and in the future) and 601 and 606 in person at Bay Shore (session 3) during the Summer of 2008.
NEEDED- Refreshments Committee for next week.


No class for the next 2 weeks

All work due at our next meeting

2 videos published to teachertube.con (remember you could do a video without your picture).

1- Science with lesson plan and worksheet as supportive documents.

Example of Exemplary Videos:  Ellen McCarthy - Ron Ambrosio
1- Technology video (possibly MovieMaker or I movie).
Some topice 
Melissa- Creating ane working with E-Portfolios

Printed portfolio (Not Limited To...cover. table of contents, lessons, 606 student outcomes, Newsletter, with CD, etc.)


Review the web sites of 2 classmates give them comments (Which they may decide to use....)
Have you been adding quotes (3 per week- NOT all at once!)?
Review a teaching tech video of a student at QCC.  See the Sample Videos
Could we do short video segments like Print Screen" on teaching technology, that prove the power in education? Translate,

Review: Teaching Math with Internet....

Professor Stein  Interactive Lessons -Fractions with Excel and "Captivate" - Try it!!

Homework- Create a Survey Monkey - Gain Data - and create a graph with Excel.
Can you use principles of the Scientific Method?

BRING IN ALL PRINTED MATERIALS!!! with your printed oportfolio for review!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Brainstorming - Evidencing Student Learning Outcomes....with Technology.
1. ASSIGNMENT - Begin working on this 2 week assignment word document and (add)  and e-poprtfolio web page titled "606 Outcomes"- 606outcomes.doc
Guest Lecturer - Greg Landsman
2. ASSIGNMENT Creating and posting a test science video to
Publishing supportive (lesson plan, worksheet) documents to teachertube. 
3. ASSIGNMENT Write a letter on your letterhead to to Professor Weinick
(c/o Porfessor Stein, 2979 Judith Drive, Bellmore, NY 11710

Thank him for his time and cite what you found most important. Please email this letter and your f newsletter to me at

For today - Session 4 - 2/1

For today - Please amke an account at
Review of your Moviemaker video with Professor Weinick

When you upload please include the following search words:
professor stein touro 606 science (your name) (anything else : i.g. your school)


Watch an uploaded video of Kari Picillo  (On Teachertube) .Link

See Kari on out sample videos page

Today- Review of Wrod temmplates - Include student sample work for class 606 and have it proofed.

Taking a video (videos)
Uploading to teachertube (videos and supporting documents to change files types.

Session 4 - 2/1
Printscreen - Learn how.....Try this
Create text "See the work of my Touro classmates" and link it to

Review the Microsoft Templates assignment
Discussion of  your proposed Science lesson video topics - Sample question from the exam


NY Times Article

What is differentiated instruction?

Link to the 606differentiate1.doc

What is a pdf?

What is foxit.  download Foxit pdf maker

Newsletter key ideas..

  • YOUR NAME... Class title 606 yada yada with Professor Stein AFTER just 4 sessions!!!!
  • differentiated instruction
  • science
  • technology
  • Special Education
  • UDL-
  • Issues in Special Education
  • website eportfolio - Link
  • Standards
  • Graphics stolen from site
  • Printscreen
  • research on NY Times
  • Teachertube
  • Use a picture of the text book using in class
  • Ron Lehrer Website -
  • CST Content Specialty Test
  • Use of video
  • how will it help you in teaching
  • Science content - what lesson will you plan video and post
  • Comment- Did you learn anything?
  • Are you bored????????????????????????
  • Links with screenshots...
  • Return address.


Sample picture, video -

Next week Professor Michael Weinick

Blackboard....Login and write the review a classmates e-portfolio
Note: error corrected on the MITphysics assignment
Homework Assignment (given in class

Review 2 classmates websites and positively discuss their current state.

Review of the assignments due today- teachertube,  iaup
Classmate Weekly Web Review - Please go to Blackboard 

Session 3 - 1/27
Add a quote to your e-portfolio quotes page - In Class
Review of the assignments due today- teachertube,  iaup
Classmate Weekly Web Review - Please go to Blackboard DB 0-0e Cooperative learning -   In Class
- Use the Subject Line naming format to get credit.
Review these documents  Web Page Rubric  and Presentation Rubric 
What is Cast ( and UDL. The written assignment associated with this is "**udlintro.doc".
Gain an understanding of Science 5-9 by reviewing the  Intermediate Science Assessment. The written assignment is "**nysassess.doc". This is in preparation for 2 video lessons (and supporting documents) in the future. 

For next week -
    Please use THIS link differentiate1.doc

Add a quote generator to your gmail account and quotes to your quote web page
Classmate Weekly Review - BBDB 0-0e forum