Tourists I have seen

Observing mankind's greatest natural wonder


Instantly recognisable in their matching outfits, bumbags, knee-high socks and sandals and multi-coloured multi-pocketed khaki attire…

Yes, tourists - the eighth wonder of the natural world; visible at each and every one of the other seven, and everywhere in between.

I could watch them for hours as they scramble around in their unnatural environments; breathlessly clambering over ancient ruins, cooling off in pristine waterfalls, and scrummaging in bumbags for that elusive loose change to buy colas, cigarettes and ‘authentic’ souvenirs.

For three years I have traversed the globe, crossing four continents in search of them. Now, enjoy the fruits of my travels…

Allow me to present: ‘Tourists I have seen’.


Please email me your tourists in lo-res format.

Central America