Regimes of Value in Tourism | Sion, Switzerland | 2-4 July 2012

Regimes of Value in Tourism: Concepts, Politics and Practices

TOCOCU 2nd Biannual Conference
Sion, Switzerland, 2-4 July 2012


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Value is a highly controversial concept and debates about value and regimes of value are usually transpired by political projects, disciplinary approaches and social ideologies. The aim of this conference is to explore different concepts of, and approaches to, value that emerge in the social field of tourism. It will bring together academics from different social sciences (anthropology, sociology, psychology, geography, economics, political sciences, etc.), tourism and heritage policy, and the emerging fields of heritage and environmental economics. Its objective is to create a workshop-like atmosphere that favors exchanges and debates among scholars both in the formal settings of the actual event and in the social spaces created at its fringes.
  • How is value in tourism and travel conceptualized, normalized and measured, according to different disciplines and social actors (tourism and heritage planners, cultural policy makers, tourists, local populations, anthropologists, sociologists, economists, geographers)?
  • What values are mobilized and experienced by tourists? To which emotional cultures and morals do they pertain? What are the values inherent in concepts like nature, god, world heritage, or humanity? How have they been historically formed? What kinds of society do they reflect? What political projects and which humanities do they articulate?
  • How is value produced in tourism and for tourists? How is this production of value governed? Who owns such value? Who derives an economic or symbolic remuneration of it? How are values and their remuneration regulated? What systems of value accountancy and redistribution are in place? How are tensions, contradictions and controversies over values constructed and negotiated when touristic referents are invoked?
  • Why, and how (through which processes), are such regimes of value maintained? What kind of social order and forms of participation do they reflect and help to reproduce in the construction of tourism? How do different actors construct and cope with contradictions between value regimes? And how do they function as devices for social inclusion and exclusion? What ethical claims do they imply, and how do they translate these in social life?
Reguslarely updated drafts of the programme can be found at the programme page or be downloaded as a pdf file.

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Mathis Stock, CRIT, University Institute Kurt Bösch, Switzerland
David Picard, CRIA, New University of Lisbon, Portugal

Scientific Committee
Simone Abram, CTCC/Leeds Met, Leeds, UK
Olivier Crevoisier, Univ. Neuchâtel, Switzerland
Christophe Clivaz, CRIT, IUKB, Sion, Switzerland
Saskia Cousin, IIAC-LAIOIS/EHESS, Paris, France
Michael di Giovine, Anthrop/Univ Chicago, Chicago, USA
Pamila Gupta, New York New School, NYC, USA
Naomi Leite, Anthrop/Univ Nebraska, Lincoln, USA
Kenneth Little, Anthrop/York Univ, Toronto, Canada
Stéphane Nahrath, CRIT, IUKB, Sion, Switzerland
David Picard, CRIA-UNL/FCSH, Lisbon, Portugal
Mike Robinson, Cultural Heritage, University of Birmingham, UK
Noel Salazar, CuMoRe/Leuven Univ, Leuven, Belgium
Valerio Simoni, Anthrop/Lisbon University Institute, Portugal
Lina Tegtmeyer, America Stud/Free Univ, Berlin, Germany

Mathis Stock, CRIT, IUKB, Sion, Switzerland
Laurent Tissot, Univ. Neuchâtel, Switzerland


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