About us

Researchers from different universities and sociable conference buddies all working on themes related to tourism, we long had the idea to create a common platform to meet, read each other, exchange ideas, share resources and advance theory on and about social practices and formations related to tourism. After a first attempt in 2006, during a conference organised by the Tourism Studies Working Group at the University of California at Berkeley, many of us met again at the 2007 ASA conference in London, which focused on tourism, the 2008 EASA conference in Ljubljana and, more recently, in July 2009, during a conference organised by the Centre for Tourism and Cultural Change in Leeds, UK. We noticed that even more people seemed interested in such a platform so improvised a short evening meeting to take up the idea. We discussed different ways of getting this done. Someone pointed towards Keith Hart's Open Anthropology Cooperative social network and we created a group there. This website will make this online presence more sophisticated as we can upload and share here documents, animate discussions and manage our annual events.

The philosophy of the group has remained the same. We have written down a couple of objectives, research themes and values to guide us in what we want to do, and what we do not want to do. Read on by using the links in the menu bar on the left.