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Update 14-01-2018 : Megatrucksfestival 2017 
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MegaTrucks Festival 2017 

Megatrucks 2017_107

Busworld Kortrijk 2017 


MobiliteitsRAI 2017


Truckstar Mack & speciaal transportdag 2017


Truckstar Festival 2017 , Assen , NLD


Against Cancer Circuit Day , 12 juli '17 , Assen


WSI XXL Event 2017

WSI-XXL 2017, 06-05-17 , Ede, NLD

2016 ATHS National Convention & Truck Show, Salem, USA by Gerald Veldman

Gerald Veldman_Salem 2016_0314

Broshuis Event 2017

Broshuis 2017_Marcel_0060

Update 27-12-2016 : Various Truckshows 2016 
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Mega Trucks_2016_Marcel_0066



Update 19-11-2016 : Marcel on vacation in the USA 2016 
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BUS : Update 21-08-2016


TRUCKS : Update 21-08-16


Coach & Bus pics   

ADAC  Truck-Grand-Prix 2014
ADAC Truck-Grand-Prix 2014, Nürburgring, Germany

Buspics by Ton Dernison 

The CAR collections

The Drivers collection   

Bertie Willemsen

Truckpalace .com

Truckpics by Marcel
Truckpics by Marcel

American Trucks

American Trucks in Europe

Truck Events

Pics by David Atchison (UK)

US Trucks by Granitefan713

 65.IAA Nutzfahrzeuge 2014

 64.IAA Nutzfahrzeuge 2012   

European & other Trucks 

                     Truckstar Festival 2014
Truckstar Festival 2014, Assen

                             Pics by Jos Gijsbers 

                             Pics by Rob Algera 

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