Touhou Embodiment of Scarlet Devil - Normal Walkthrough

Welcome to my Touhou Project Embodiment of Scarlet Devil walkthrough.  I started this on Associated Content and Squidoo, so welcome if you're coming from those pages!  That said, after getting the first two stages online the project fell by the wayside as I had to devote time to other projects and endeavors.  And for those who have constantly visited this site (probably hoping to see the last part of the stage 6 walkthrough)...I do apologize again as this project once again fell by the wayside after I found myself with little spare time after changing jobs. 
The ultimate goal of this website is to provide Touhou fans a quick guide to finishing the normal difficulty without continuing, thus unlocking the extra stage.  Below you will find links to walkthroughs for all EOSD stages (finally finished!) and two of the four walkthroughs (Marissa-A and Reimu-B) for the Patouchi battle in stage 4.  You'll find the links below and feel free to start from stage 1 and read through the walkthrough, or simply click on the link to a stage you are having trouble with.  Or click here to see a short page I wrote about general EOSD tips.  Keep in mind these are not high score or big points guides.  This walkthrough is intended to help you complete the game and unlock the extra stage.  Enjoy!
Stage 1