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Results Archive


Berkeley Hills - Kristina 4th, Pat 8th

Tour of the Gila -

    Inner Loop RR - Olivia 5th

    Time Trial - Ruth Clemence 10th, Kelly 13th

    Criterium - Olivia 6th

    GC - Kelly 15th

Wente Omnium - Olivia 1st

Wente RR - Olivia 1st

Wente Criterium - Olivia 2nd

Adoption Exchange TT - Holly 2nd

Devil’s Punchbowl - Maria 5th

Copperopolis - Olivia 2nd, Kristina 4th

Redlands Prologue - Ruth 8th

Bariani RR - Kelly 2nd, Carol 6th

San Dimas GC - Olivia 11th

San Dimas RR - Olivia 8th

Madera Stage Race - Olivia 1st, Kelly 2nd GC

    Crit - Sarah 2nd

    TT - Olivia & Kelly - 1st (tied)

Menlo Park GP - Olivia 3rd

Berkeley Hills TTT - Kelly and Olivia 1st

                                Pat and Carol 2nd

Calville Bay Classic - Cara 3rd GC

    Hill climb - Cara 4th

    Road Race - Cara 3rd

    Criterium - Cara 3rd

Merco Downtown GP - Olivia 9th

Merced Criterium - Olivia 1st, Cara 6th

Tour of CA Santa Rosa Criterium (NRC) - Sarah 5th, Olivia 8th

Cherry Pie Criterium - Sarah 2nd, Carol 10th

Poor College Kids Road Race - Cara 3rd, Kristina 5th, Maria 6th


Challenge RR - Olivia 1st, Kelly 4th

Dunnigan Hills RR - Olivia 3rd

Suisun RR - Olivia 8th

San Ardo RR - Olivia 6th

Winters RR - Olivia 2nd

Patterson Pass - Kelly 2nd, Olivia 4th, Maria 5th

Esparto TT - Kelly 1st, Olivia 2nd

District Championship RR - Olivia 2nd

Cascade Classic Team Competition - Touchstone 3rd

Cascade Classic GC - Kelly 9th

Irish National Championship TT - Olivia 1st

Mt. Diablo Hillclimb - Kelly 1st

    Maria 2nd

Nevada City - Kelly 5th, Maria 8th

Pescadero RR - Kelly 2nd

District Championship TT - Olivia 3rd

Dunlap TT - Olivia 3rd, Kelly 4th, Pat 7th, Holly 8th

Kern County Stage Race, TT - Pat 1st

Kern County Stage Race, GC - Pat 4th                           

Berkeley Hills RR - Olivia 2nd, Kelly 3rd

Tour of the Gila, Mogollon RR (NRC) - Kelly 6th

La Vuelta de Bisbee Stage Race - Kelly 1st

    Maria - 3rd, Olivia - 5th

Sea Otter Road Race - Maria 8th

Madera Stage Race - Kelly 4th, Pat 5th, Olivia 6th GC

San Dimas Stage Race - Maria 6th, Kelly 7th GC

Sequoia TT (NRC) - Pat 15th

Berkeley Hills TTT - Pat and Kelly 1st

    Olivia and Janeen - 3rd

    Holly and Maria - 4th

Snelling - Olivia 4th

Pine Flat - Pat 3rd

Amgen Tour Of CA women’s criterium - Olivia 15th

Valley of the Sun GC - Kelly 5th