This is a resource wiki for two 2010 ISTE presentations given by Apple Distinguished Educators. If you
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Touch Down! Winning Strategies for Implementing iPod Touches Successfully Add to Planner Add to Planner 
[Formal Session: Panel] 
Monday, 6/28/2010, 2:00pm–3:00pm, CCC 505/506
Cheryl Davis, Acalanes Union High School District with Mike Amante, Camilla Gagliolo and Lucy Gray
Digital-Age Teaching & Learning : Learning with Mobile Devices

Implementing iPod touches? Gain insights on effective deployment in your schools. Learn how to get administrators, teachers, and students on board with great results!  Recommended by ISTE's SIGML

Podcasting and Mobile Media for Teaching and Learning
[Formal Session: Spotlight] 
Tuesday, 6/29/2010, 3:30pm–4:30pm, CCC Four Seasons Ballroom 4
Larry Anderson, National Center for Technology Planning with Anna Adam, Lucy Gray, Carol Ann McGuire, Helen Mowers, and Julene Reed 

Digital-Age Teaching & Learning : Learning with Mobile Devices
Podcasting! iPods! iPhones! MP3 players! How does a teacher incorporate all these tech tools into meaningful learning? Join us and learn from experts.  Recommended by ISTE's SIG1to1