The team

Due to the nature of the game and personal responsibilities there’s not exactly a fixed team as such, rather a group from which a team can be drawn from when needed for competitions.

The people involved with the club come from a broad range of backgrounds and lend a very international feeling to the group.

Below are a few of our regular players…



The man we know as Rob today is actually the seventh reincarnation of an Australian spirit. In his previous two lives he was a turtle (called Francis the Turtle) and Gonzo from the popular show The Muppets. Skilled in the art of Touch from an early age (in fact he scored his first touchdown only 3 months after his own conception!) he is now one of the leading personalities in the sport’s development. In his free time he enjoys hang gliding and eating jam sandwiches.

POSITION: COACH (or anywhere really, so long as he is allowed wear a hat)



Our very own Wordsworth hails from the wilds of the Welsh countryside (proper towns still being a “new fangled invention” to many Welshmen). He can often be seen during half time breaks pondering over an ode or a sonnet under the birch trees surrounding the pitch. In his free time Ry likes to hunt for buried treasure and watch re-runs of Friends (in Spanish).




Little is known about the background of this suspicious Australian. The allure of international markets and offshore bank accounts brought him Europe with the hope of making his fortune. Since his arrival in 2010 he has thus far accumulated a net profit of 10EUR and a healthy supply of coupons for McDonalds. One to watch in the future, but Donald Trump is safe ... for now.

POSITION: LINK (or backwards cowboy)



A former child model, Russ has since blossomed into an illustrious acting career. His lifelong ambition has been to reshoot Crocodile Dundee with himself as Mick Dundee. Russ spends most of time between Berlin and Paris, where he likes to catch up on news in the international fashion scene.

POSITION: LINK (or close to the cameras)

Where We Practice